Are duraflame logs a fire hazard?

Are duraflame logs a fire hazard?

Are duraflame logs a fire hazard?

If this material is not regularly removed from the chimney burning a hot fire in the fireplace could ignite it and cause a chimney fire. Since duraflame® firelogs are made with dry wood sawdust, only a fine soot is left in the chimney.

How long does duraflame Firestart last?

to 30 minutes
Duraflame firestart Wood Firelighters Indoor-Outdoor. This compact, versatile firelighter quickly starts any wood fire at home or on-the-go. Just light the wrapper – individually wrapped for easy lighting. One firelighter burns up to 30 minutes, long enough for even difficult wood fires.

What is Duraflame quick start made of?

Duraflame Quick Start 40 Fire Starters Use Duraflame Quick Start Firestarters for your next campfire as it starts fires quickly and easily. Each firestarter is made with wax and a blend of recycled and renewable biomass fibers.

Can you use duraflame as a fire starter?

Using duraflame firestarters to light a wood fire results in faster and more complete ignition of the fire reducing emissions of particulate matter and carbon monoxide.

Are Duraflame logs toxic to humans?

Other sites state that frequently burning fire logs (and even wood) can pose some health concerns. The carbon monoxide emitted can cause symptoms including headaches, dizziness or nasuea.

How do you extinguish a Duraflame?

Putting Out Duraflame Logs As you would with any fire, simply douse them carefully with water. Another option is to use sand, making sure the flames are completely covered. Finally, you can use a dry chemical fire extinguisher to put out a Duraflame log.

How do you use Duraflame quick start?


  1. Break off one quick start firelighter.
  2. Place a piece of firewood towards the rear of the fireplace grate. Place the quick start firelighter about 1/2″ in front of the firewood.
  3. Place more firewood around the firelighter. Light the firelighter on the rough edges.

Can you leave a Duraflame log unattended?

Firelogs are convenient and easy to use, but as with anything involving fire, they still need to be used and handled with a number of safety considerations in mind. If your fireplace has glass doors, leave them open while you burn your firelog unless instructions for your fireplace direct you to do otherwise.

Do Duraflame logs have wax in them?

Artificial firelogs are basically big candles. Most are made from postindustrial sawdust, cellulose, and waxes. Because they’re made from recycled materials, firelogs have been promoted as being more environmentally friendly than regular wood logs, and as producing less emissions, including carbon monoxide.