Are Nerf Bars necessary?

Are Nerf Bars necessary?

Are Nerf Bars necessary?

Nerf bars and running boards are commonly found on trucks, which are built to be larger than regular vehicles. They have taller ride heights and are higher off the ground, thus making it necessary to have either the nerf bar or running board installed as it can be difficult to enter or exit these vehicles.

Will raptor 700 Nerf bars fit a 660?

No they will not, without surgery.

Will YFZ 450 Nerf bars fit a Yamaha Raptor 660?

They are not interchangeable, so no they won’t bolt up.

What is the point of nerf bars ATV?

A nerf bar will help prevent other ATV rider’s tires from getting stuck between your tires. Plus, it creates a safety barrier around your feet, protecting it from hazzards and snags.

What are the best nerf bars for a Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV?

Extreme Fabrication Racing Pro Peg II Nerf Bars are brand new custom engineered for your Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV, and are designed to maximize rider safety and protection from the hazards of aggressive and technical riding, with the added benefit of full heel guards and sure grip foot pegs.

Are nerf bars worth it for a quad?

Nerf bars are a great addition to any recreational ATV and are a must for any racer! They will help you ride you quad longer with less fatigue. A huge benefit of running nerf bars is they keep other riders tires away from your legs/boots, in the unfortunate case of wheel to wheel contact.

How long do nerf bars last?

These nerf bars are designed to last, we have been making them for 10+ years! First they are heat treated and QC tested for strength. Then they are Hard Anodized after being buffed and polished.

What is a pro peg nerf bar?

These Pro Peg Nerf Bars are 100% hand crafted and made in America from domestic high quality aircraft grade aluminum to ensure superior strength and durability. They are designed to be a direct bolt on, so no modifications are needed. All necessary hardware for installation is included.