Are there inline skating competitions?

Are there inline skating competitions?

Are there inline skating competitions?

The period of renaissance continues to date with more and more competitions being organized worldwide to support and appreciate the sport. There are some aggressive inline skating competitions you must know if you are in love with the glory and thrill of this adventurous sport.

What is classic slalom?

The Slalom Classic is one of the first-born discipline in the inline freestyle: the athletes skate on a musical arrangement and the judges asign scores on the base of technical and artistic criteria.

Who is the best inline skater in the world?

Chris Haffey

Personal information
Sport Inline skating
Event(s) X Games Nitro Circus
Medal record Representing United States Nitro World Games 2016 Salt Lake City Inline Best Trick
Updated on 13 August 2018.

Can you do tricks with inline skates?

Tricks are usually done with inline skates, but you can get quads for ramps too. Well, that’s a very basic rundown but doesn’t give you much meat to make your choice.

How far apart are slalom cones?

20 cones, 80cm apart makes for a standard slalom line. (They also have 50cm and 120cm cone distances too). You can slalom in any type of skates however skates designed for slaloming will make your life a lot easier.

What is freestyle slalom skating?

Freestyle slalom skating is a highly technical field of roller skating that involves performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced cones. The most common spacing used in competitions is 80 centimetres (31 in), with larger competitions also featuring lines spaced at 50 centimetres (20 in) and 120 centimetres (47 in).

Can inline figure skates be used for slalom?

Many inline figure skates can be used for slalom if the extended toe stop is replaced with a toe plug. In order to satisfy the needs of freestyle slalom activities, these skates need some adaptations to the boot, cuff, the frames, the wheels and the closure system.

How do I choose the best slalom skates?

When choosing slalom skates, consider the following: Freestyle skating requires a strong rigid boot with comfortable foot support. A good slalom skate needs a short lightweight frame that is easy to maneuver. These skates must be quick and responsive which can be enhanced via rockering. Smooth precision and the correct wheels are very important.

What size wheels are used for freestyle slalom?

The wheels used for freestyle slalom are commonly between 83A and 85A durometer or hardness. Frames that are 245mm or 243mm use 80mm maximum diameter wheels. Frames that are 231mm must use wheels no bigger than 76mm in diameter. Frames that are 219mm require wheels no bigger than 72mm in diameter.