Can you drink Cynar straight?

Can you drink Cynar straight?

Can you drink Cynar straight?

Drink it Straight As with many amari, Cynar is best consumed—at least according to the Italians who first made it—straight. Pour yourself an ounce or two, and sip it. Adding an ice cube can’t hurt, either. Another fun thing to try with your straight Cynar is to add a few drops (3-4 is all you need) of saline solution.

What does Cynar liqueur taste like?

Patrick Gartner, beverage director of Hot Tin and Jack Rose in New Orleans, describes Cynar’s flavor as vegetal, earthy, bitter, herbaceous yet sweet. Cynar debuted in Italy in 1952.

What kind of alcohol is Cynar?

Italian bitter liqueur
Cynar is an Italian bitter liqueur made with 13 herbs and spices, including artichoke leaves. The name is derived from the scientific name for artichoke (cynara), and a bright green artichoke in the logo. It’s considered an Italian amaro or bitter (amaro means “little bitter” in Italian).

What do you use Cynar for?

Traditionally served as an aperitif on its own or with soda, orange juice, or tonic, Cynar has the kind of deep, resolute bitterness that also marks its role as a valued digestivo, a drink that helps salve the effects of a heavy meal.

Does Cynar need to be refrigerated?

The ABV (alcohol by volume, aka booziness) isn’t high enough to keep it good-to-go at room temp. But liqueurs — even ones with ABV’s as low as fortified wines, like Campari, Cynar and amari — don’t need to be refrigerated.

What goes well with Cynar?

Easy: Cynar and Soda A good aperitif is lively, bitter and refreshing; Cynar with soda ticks all of those boxes perfectly. It’s vibrantly flavored but quite low in alcohol, so two before dinner won’t derail your evening. We like it with a lemon wedge garnish squeezed in there.

Should you refrigerate Cynar?

Should Cynar be refrigerated?

How do you pronounce Cynar?

Cynar (pronounced CHEE-nar) is in the class of amari, a group of liqueurs famous for their stomach-soothing qualities and generally low booze content. Specifically, Cynar is a digestivo, an almost-medicinal Italian after-dinner drink.

Does Cynar have sugar?

Tasting Cynar There’s a good amount of sugar in Cynar, well over what’s in Campari, but it’s almost as bitter so you wouldn’t ever call it truly sweet.

How much sugar is Cynar?

26.17 g
Nutritional information:

per 100 ml
Energy 804 kJ / 193 kcal
Fat of which saturates fat 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates of which Sugar 26.17 g 26.17 g
Protein 0 g