Do I need WIFi for Wansview camera?

Do I need WIFi for Wansview camera?

Do I need WIFi for Wansview camera?

This outdoor security camera needs to be plugged into a power supply all the time while it’s working. But you can choose it to connect via WIFi or Ethernet cable. It’s up to you. Hope this is helpful.

How do I setup my Wansview security camera?

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  1. Select[Add IP Camera] and tap + to add camera.
  2. Select [Add camera via WiFi mode]
  3. Scan the QR code on the back of the camera.
  4. Hold “Reset” button about 3-5 seconds until you see the blue lights is on (suitable for K3 and Q3S),
  5. Name the camera, then [Next]

How do I record video on my Wansview camera?

How to record and playback record on PC software?

  1. Please download the PC client “Wansview” and connect it with your camera.
  2. Run the “Wansview” — click + —input the information of your camera — add camera to the software.
  3. Tap setting button on top — setup the Record Path and Record Time Length then save.

Why won’t my Wansview camera connect?

Ensure Your Camera is Close to Your Router So if your camera is not in the same room your router is, chances are you may experience connectivity issues. So, move the device closer to your router—plug it into a working outlet and ensure it has received power. Next, try to connect it to your home Wi-Fi again.

How do I use the Wansview camera app?

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  1. Tap + to add a camera.
  2. Search the camera in Lan, DID number will be searched if use DID(P2P) to search, while Search IP will get IP Address.
  3. Click the searched camera, and the camera information will be filled automatically.
  4. Input the camera’s password (default is 123456).

Do Wansview cameras record all the time?

The cloud camera does not support 24-hour continuous video recording.

How do I download videos from Wansview?

Welcome to Wansview Support Login the camera on IE browser via IP address —choose Mode 1 — click “Playback Video”—select “Time” and “Recording type” to search the videos. All videos will show on the right side. Please click “download” to save the records to the computer.

How do I get my Wansview camera back online?

An unstable Wi-Fi network can cause your camera to disconnect from Wi-Fi, hence the app can’t find your camera as it’s offline. To fix this, restart your router, then wait for a few seconds and return to the app to see if your camera is now online.

Why is my Wansview camera flashing red and blue?

The camera can not connect to Wi-Fi? Please press the reset button on camera for 5 seconds until the red light flashes quickly and camera says “reset is successful”. Please wait for about one minute, then camera will flash blue and red light alternately and you can reconnect it now.