Does Bostitch have a lifetime warranty?

Does Bostitch have a lifetime warranty?

Does Bostitch have a lifetime warranty?

FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY – MECHANICS TOOLS Bostitch Mechanics Tools are covered by the manufacturer’s FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. If any Bostitch Mechanics Tool ever fails for any reason, Bostitch will replace it. NO PROOF OF PURCHASE required.

How do you fix Bostitch?

How to Troubleshoot a Bostitch Nail Gun

  1. Tighten the nose screws so they are secure and replace the O-ring or gasket if the frame or nose leaks air.
  2. Lubricate the nail gun by adding lubricant through the air line connection, or replace the cap spring if the gun does not cycle.

Who bought out Bostitch?

Stanley Black & Decker

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Products Fastening tools
Parent Stanley Black & Decker

Where are Bostitch nailers made?

East Greenwich, Rhode Island
The BOSTITCH® manufacturing plant moved to its current location in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Is Stanley tape measure warranty?

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY STANLEY® Tools warrants tape measures against deficiencies in material and workmanship for the useful life of the tool. Deficient products will be replaced if sent to: Stanley Black & Decker, 100 Passmore Lane, Jackson, TN 38305, Attn: Quality Assurance.

How do you open a Bostitch electric stapler?

Step 1: After plugging in your electric stapler, push the button in the back to open the front-load magazine (see second image below.) Load the staples by dropping the strip in place to get your unit ready for stapling. The magazine also features storage for extra staple sticks.

Why does my nail gun not work?

Jams are the most common cause of a nailer not firing. Thankfully, they are often easy to clear. For safety, first disconnect the tool from the air supply, retract the feeder mechanism, and remove any excess fasteners from the magazine. From there, clearing the jam depends on what type of nailer you have.

Is Bostitch going out of business?

The building was built in the early 1960s as a manufacturing plant for Stanley Bostitch, known for its staplers among other products. The company was eventually sold to Black & Decker, which closed it in 2012.

When did Stanley Buy Bostitch?

1986. The Stanley Works of New Britain, Connecticut acquired Bostitch from Textron.

Is Bostitch owned by Stanley?

By Rain Noe – May 22, 2020 How about this absurd fact: Stanley Black & Decker now owns DeWalt, Stanley, Black + Decker, Bostitch, Craftsman, Irwin, Lenox, Porter-Cable, and a half-dozen other brands.