How big is the back of a Vito?

How big is the back of a Vito?

How big is the back of a Vito?

The Vito has only one roof height and that results in an internal cargo area height of 1391mm and the loading height taken from the ground to the cargo area floor is 558mm.

How many suitcases fit in a Mercedes Vito?

The Vito Tourer comfortably seats nine people with room in the boot to fit nine large suitcases.

What are the internal dimensions of a Mercedes Vito?

The interior dimensions (length) of the Mercedes Mercedes-Benz Vito 2 W639 cargo space is 65″ (L1), 65″ (L2), and 65″ (L3). The interior height of the Mercedes-Benz Vito 2 W639 is 52.5″ (H1), 52.5″ (H2), and 55.6″ (H3). The wheelbase lengths are 126″ (SWB), 126″ (MWB), and 135″ (LWB).

What is the load length of a Mercedes Vito?

Mercedes / Vito

Vito 109 CDI Compact
Rear Door Height (mm) 1264
Load Length (mm) 2422
Load Width Max (mm) 1650
Load Height (mm) 1353

How many people can a Mercedes Vito hold?

There is room for up to seven people in the passenger compartment of the extra-long Vito Tourer with 2-2-3 seating in three seat rows. Vito Tourer compact with passenger compartment seating including a 2-seater bench in the 1st row and a 3-seater bench in the 2nd row.

How much can a Mercedes Vito carry?

Maximum payload rating for the Vito L1 is 1,029kg. Maximum payload rating for the Vito L2 is 1,002kg. Maximum payload rating for the Vito L3 is 967kg. To reach the maximum payload you’ll need the lowest trim level – Pure – and the highest gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating, which is 3,050kg (3.05 tonnes).

Can you get a sheet of ply in a Mercedes Vito?

8×4 sheets of ply fit in just fine. The length under the seats means I can get rolls of 3m vinyl in so 2.4m (8ft) lengths of board are easy to fit in.

What vans can you get a 8×4 sheet in?

With a maximum internal load length of 2,555mm, the short-wheelbase Ford Transit Custom can easily swallow an 8×4 sheet.