How do I answer a question on Yahoo Answers?

How do I answer a question on Yahoo Answers?

How do I answer a question on Yahoo Answers?

How to Answer QuestionsClick here to go to Yahoo! Answers.Enter your topic into the search bar, or go to the Answer section, and click on the topics around your area of expertise and start answering questions. Choose between Relevance, Newest, Most Answers, and Fewest Answers, depending on your preference.

How do I check my yahoo answers?

Sign in to Yahoo Answers. On the left column, click your username. Click My Answers.

How do you ask questions on answers?

These are some simple step :Make sure you are logged in.Type your question in the white bar found at the top of the screen and click on “Go”.You may be shown some similar questions and asked if any of them are the same question, but in different words. Fix any misspellings, capitalization.Click Submit Question.

Can you delete a Yahoo Answers account?

Yes, sign in with the email address you want to delete. Go to Account Information. Open the Yahoo homepage, then click My Account. Select Delete Account, close the account, then keep following the prompts.

How do I unlink my Yahoo email account?

Unlink another email account from your Yahoo MailClick the Settings icon .Click More Settings.Click Mailboxes.Select the account you’d like to disconnect.Click Remove mailbox.Click Remove mailbox again to confirm.Click Save.

How can I delete my Yahoo email account without password?

Well, for the users who are not aware, it is not possible to delete a Yahoo account without using the password. So, in case, if the user no longer remembers the password of their account, they are required to reset the password of their Yahoo account and proceed with the account deletion process. …

How can I change my Yahoo email address?

You can’t change your Yahoo ID or email address, but you can create an email alias, an additional Yahoo email address available with your existing account. You’re also welcome to sign up for a new Yahoo account at any time.

Why does my Yahoo email show a different name?

Some third-party apps have their own Sending Name setting, which bypasses the Yahoo Mail setting. If the app you’re using attaches a different name than the one saved in your Yahoo Mail settings, contact the manufacturer of the app for assistance.

Can I change my Yahoo email to Gmail?

Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail Go to the inbox and click the gear-icon button in the upper-right corner and click Settings. Next, click Accounts and Import at the top of the page and then click Import mail and contacts. Here, you can enter your Yahoo email address and import your Yahoo data to Gmail.

What is Yahoo mail address?

Most Yahoo accounts end in “”. The domain extension is the “.com” part. Some older accounts have a different extension depending on the location and language where they were created.

Will Yahoo Mail be discontinued?

The ‘full’ shutdown of Yahoo Groups will take place on 15 December 2020. What does the shutdown mean for users? After 15 December, users will no longer be able to send and receive emails from Yahoo Groups.

How do I get a one time email address?

Create a base name and your first disposable email addressClick the Settings icon .Click More Settings.Click Mailboxes.Click the More icon. next to “Disposable email address.”Click Add.Enter a base name, then click Next.Enter a keyword after the base name.Optionally, enter your sending name and a description.

How do I make a good email address?

Try some of these tricks for other great email address ideas:Use the first letter of your first name together with your full last name; e.g. j.smith.Include your middle name; e.g. john. Use a nickname together with your last name; e.g. johnny. Switch around the word order; e.g. smith.

How do you send a 10 minute email?

If the site sends you an e-mail, it should show up on the page, down on the page, under the Messages section. It may take a couple of minutes to arrive. Once you see it there, just click on it, and you can read the e-mail. Then you can click on any links, or get any information you need.

How can I get a free email address?

Best Free Email! Mail.ProtonMail.iCloud Mail.