How do I cite of mice and men?

How do I cite of mice and men?

How do I cite of mice and men?

MLA (7th ed.) Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. New York, N.Y., U.S.A: Penguin Books, 1994. Print.

Who published of mice and men?

Pascal Covici

When was Of Mice and Men published?


What is the irony in Lennie’s last name?

Lennie’s last name is Small. Lennie’s name is ironic because he is an extremely large and imposing individual. Despite being ironic, Lennie’s last name is representative of his intellect. Lennie is intellectually limited and relies on his friend, George Milton, to take care of him and keep him out of trouble.

What is Lennie’s inappropriate surname?

Character quest Of Mice and MenQuestionAnswerWhat is Lennie’s inappropriate surname?SmallWhat is the one animal Lennie always remembers?RabbitWhat 3 things does Lennie forget in Chapter 2?Where the two men are going;Aunt Clara’s name;The bad things he did in Weed;2

Who gave Lennie the puppy?

At the end of the workday, Slim and George return to the bunkhouse. Slim has agreed to give one of the pups to Lennie, and George thanks him for his kindness, insisting that Lennie is “dumb as hell,” but is neither crazy nor mean.

Why is Lennie angry at the dead puppy?

Lennie gets upset and angry at his dead puppy because he thinks that when George finds out that George won’t let Lennie tend to the rabbits anymore. Lennie becomes angry at Curley’s wife because she keeps screaming and yelling and Lennie thinks George will hear and check on him.

What does Lennie say when he kills Curley’s wife?

“I done a real bad thing,” he said. “I shouldn’t of did that. George’ll be mad. An’ . . . . he said . . . . an’ hide in the brush till he come.

What is Candy’s greatest fear?

Candy’s ‘greatest fear’ (chapter 5) is losing the chance to live with George and Lennie on their own ranch. For a time, George and Lennie allow Candy to share their dream of settling down on their own place. Candy is old and lonely with no companionship save that of his old dog.

What is Candy’s personality like?

Candy is friendly and talkative, and despite the fact that he is afraid of losing his job because of his physical impairment, he is still hopeful he will be able to have his own stake in the future. Candy has his dog, who is also old and crippled, to keep him company.

Where does Lennie go after he kills Curley’s wife?

Where does Lennie go right after he kills Curley’s wife? Lennie ran to go hide in the brush by the river, where George told him to.