How do I enable NetFlow on a Cisco 6500 switch?

How do I enable NetFlow on a Cisco 6500 switch?

How do I enable NetFlow on a Cisco 6500 switch?

Enable NetFlow and NDE on the Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC)

  1. Log in to the device, and enter global configuration mode.
  2. Type interface {vlan vlan_ID} | {type slot/port} | {port-channel port_channel_number} to select a Layer 3 interface to configure.
  3. Type ip flow ingress to enable NetFlow.

What is NetFlow configuration?

A NetFlow configuration for a Cisco IOS device contains three parts: a monitor, an exporter, and the record itself. The record is where you’ll tell the device what fields you want to send to your collector (IP source address, source ports, destination ports, etc.).

How do I stop NetFlow Analyzer service?

Windows: Navigate to the Program folder in which NetFlow Analyzer has been installed. By default, this is Start > Programs > ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. Select the option Shut Down NetFlow Analyzer.

Why is NetFlow not working on my Catalyst 6500 switch?

Netflow must be enabled on the local router in order to perform a Layer 2 analysis. In the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switches that are run with Native IOS, MLS long aging fails to age the NetFlow cache entries when you enable Server Load Balancing (SLB). This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCea83612 ( registered customers only) .

How to enable NetFlow export in Cisco IOS NetFlow configuration mode?

3 Cisco NetFlow Configuration Cisco IOS NetFlow Configuration Guide Netflow Configuration In configuration mode issue the following to enable NetFlow Export: ip flow-export destination 2055 ip flow-export source → (e.g. use a Loopback interface)

What is the NetFlow table on the route processor?

The NetFlow table on the route processor (RP) captures statistics for flows routed in software and the NetFlow table on the PFC (and on each DFC) captures statistics for flows routed in hardware. Several features use the NetFlow table.

What is the best practice for NetFlow configuration?

Best Practice / Highlights • NetFlow configuration varies slightly per hardware model • Set active timeout to 1 minute: “ip flow-cache timeout active” is the time interval NetFlow records are exported for long lived flows (e.g. large FTP transfer). 1 minute is recommended and configuration is in minutes in IOS and seconds in MLS and NX-OS.