How do I file a notice to disclose in Alberta?

How do I file a notice to disclose in Alberta?

How do I file a notice to disclose in Alberta?

Copy and File the Notice to Disclose / Application Make 2 copies of the complete form • Bring all 3 copies to the Court of Queen’s Bench Chambers counter to be filed, along with your Disclosure Statement. They will help you choose a court date, then will keep the original, and stamp your copies with their filed stamp.

How do I file a motion in family court Alberta?

How to apply

  1. Choose the right forms. Family Law Act.
  2. Complete an affidavit or statement for each order you request.
  3. File the forms with a court clerk.
  4. Serve your application or claim.
  5. If you are filing an application, complete an Affidavit of Service for each applicant and respondent.
  6. Attend court.

How do I get a disclosure for criminal charges in Alberta?

Contact the Crown prosecutor’s office to get a copy of the police investigation file (disclosure). This will tell you why you are charged and what the evidence is against you. Crown Office contact information is in the pamphlet Information for self-represented litigants in Provincial Court: Adult Criminal Court.

What is a notice to disclose?

A Notice to Disclose is a court document that, when filed and properly served on an opposing party in certain types of actions, compels the production of necessary financial information within a specified period of time.

How do I get full custody of my child in Alberta?

Full or sole custody is only awarded in Alberta when joint physical and legal custody would be detrimental to a child. It can be very difficult to persuade a judge to award this….Sole or full custody

  1. Substance abuse (alcohol/drugs)
  2. Mental illness.
  3. A history of domestic abuse.
  4. A history of abandonment or neglect.

What is a Form 23 in Alberta?

Community Treatment Order Apprehension Order (Form 23) has failed to comply with their community treatment order. (c) provide reasonable assistance to the person to comply with their community treatment order and that the person continues to fail to comply with their community treatment order.