How do I write an anchoring script for Republic Day?

How do I write an anchoring script for Republic Day?

How do I write an anchoring script for Republic Day?

anchor -1 : Our honourable chief guest has arrived and I would like to request our principal to honour our guest with the bouquet. thank you for accepting our humble welcome, Now let’s move to the most important task of this day and it is hoisting our national flag.

How do you anchor a school assembly?

Sample anchoring script for Monday morning school assembly Take your right hand ahead and start the pledge. Anchor 2: Now our principal madam will give us her message. Anchor 1:Now it is time for birthday celebrations of our school students. Anchor 2:Now get ready for national anthem.

What do you say on Republic Day?

Happy Republic Day! May the brave leaders of our glorious nation guide us to peace and prosperity so that we can hold our heads high and be proud of our country. We salute the work they did for this country on this day. Wishing you a very Happy Republic day!

How do you explain Republic Day to a child?

Republic Day signifies the inception of India’s Constitution in 1950. Every year, we witness the extravagant parade on Rajpath with a tribute to armed forces, different states, their culture, and much more. The day plays an important part in India’s history and defines the democratic structure of the nation.

How do you write a vote of thanks for Republic Day?

First I would like to wish you all a very Happy Republic Day. We are all grateful to the constitution that came into effect on this day. We would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to our chief guest for accepting our invitation and attending our celebration as a chief guest.

What is the reason to celebrate Republic Day?

Republic Day commemorates the spirit of independent and individual India. It was on this day in 1930 when the Indian National Congress proclaimed Purna Swaraj, the declaration of India’s independence from colonial rule. The day also commemorates Indian citizens’ power to choose their government democratically.