How do you get hay in perfect world?

How do you get hay in perfect world?

How do you get hay in perfect world?

Hay can only be acquired through monster drops or purchasing from other players using gold coins.

Can you grind in Dragon Quest 11?

Anyone familiar with Dragon Quest games knows that the best way to grind for experience is Metal Slime monsters, and that’s no different with Dragon Quest XI. The catch with this game is that it’s possible to force encounters with Metal Slimes, thanks to the Pep Powers.

How do I get back to Celestial Vale PWI?

To return to the Midlands while in the Celestial Vale, talk to a Teleport Master and select the “Return to Perfect World” quest from the quest related option. Newer characters will not be able to leave the Celestial Vale until they have completed the Celestial Vale Quest Chain.

What level should I be to beat Dragon Quest 11?

in addition, What level should I be for the final boss in Dragon Quest 11? First off, you’ll want to make sure your entire party is around level 70 at least.

What drops hay PWI?

Low level river-dwelling tortoises still drop Hay, at an even lower rate. The number of creatures dropping Hay was never large, but previously, a handful of other, higher level creatures dropped Hay (link to list below under Links).

How do I leave celestial Vale PWI?

Attaining level 20 is required to leave Celestial Vale and go to Perfect World proper. Cultivation quest level 19 is not required. At level 20, all of the Teleport Masters have a menu option: “Quest Related” > “Return to Celestial Vale” or “Return to Perfect World”.

How many endings are there in Dragon Quest 11?

We wanted players to feel conflicted. However, thinking that some people might find it hard to accept, we implemented two endings.” There you have it – the developer was worried that you wouldn’t be able to accept a darker ending.

How much HP does Mordegon have?


Expand#393 – Mordegon??? Family
HP Defence
2,400 189
Exp None