How do you get the second gem in future frenzy?

How do you get the second gem in future frenzy?

How do you get the second gem in future frenzy?


  1. 1 bonus round.
  2. 1 secret area (requires using the secret portal in the basement).
  3. Clear Gem #2 – Examine the path that unlocks after you cross the secret portal.
  4. Clear Gem – Smash all 133 crates (finding all of them requires using the portal in the basement).

How do you get all the boxes in Sphynxinator?

To retrieve every crate in the level, Crash must first run backwards from the starting point where he will discover four hidden crates, not visible when the player first starts the level. One of the four boxes is a life box. After this, the player may continue forward.

How do you get the gem in Dino Might?

First, you must get a Yellow Gem which you can receive by collecting any 10 Relics, then you must unlock a hidden portal to Hang ‘Em High and, lastly, you must explore its secret path. Only when you have this Gem you can destroy all crates and get two Clear Gems.

How do you get the green gem in flaming passion?

This level contains the green gem which is obtained by completing the death route. This level is one of three in Warped which contains nitro crates, but no nitro switch crate to detonate all the nitro crates within the level. The fruit bazooka is needed to safely destroy the crates in order to receive the gem.

How do you beat mad bombers in Crash Bandicoot?

To complete this stage and obtain the violet crystal, you will have to shoot down five bombers. Just like in Bye Bye Blimps, you can fly wherever you want and you can complete mission objectives in any order you want.

How do you get the second clear gem in Sphynxinator?

Clear Gem #1 – Smash all 105 crates. Clear Gem #2- it is at the end of the path that you unlock using Blue Gem.

How do you get Eggipus Rex?

The yellow gem is obtained via the alternate entrance to Hang’em High in the secret warp room, unlockable after collecting 10 relics. During the triceratops chase in the yellow gem path, let the second pterodactyl carry the player away. The screen will fade and the player will be in Eggipus Rex.

How do you beat the double header in Crash?

If Crash is hit by their clubs, he will fly towards the screen. They cannot be defeated by a simple spin because of their body mass. However, they can be defeated by either jumping on them from another platform, or by the Fruit Bazooka.

How do you get 105 on Crash Bandicoot warped?

Crash Bandicoot: Warped To get 105%, the player must collect all Crystals, collect all gems, and collect gold or platinum relics on every level.