How do you integrate COTX COSX?

How do you integrate COTX COSX?

How do you integrate COTX COSX?

Integrate cot x cos x dx

  1. ∫ cos ⁡ x sin ⁡ x cos ⁡ x d x. =
  2. ∫ cos 2 ⁡ x sin ⁡ x d x. From the trigonometric identity. sin2x + cos2x = 1. => cos2x = 1-sin2x.
  3. ∫ \1 − s i n 2 x sin ⁡ x d x. =
  4. ∫ d x s i n x – ∫ s i n x d x. = ∫ c s c x d x + c o s x. = – ln (|csc x + cot x |) + cos x + C.

What is the integral of COSX COSX?

Calculus Examples The function F(x) can be found by finding the indefinite integral of the derivative f(x) . Set up the integral to solve. Since the derivative of −csc(x) is csc(x)cot(x) csc ( x ) cot ( x ) , the integral of csc(x)cot(x) csc ( x ) cot ( x ) is −csc(x) .

What’s the antiderivative of COTX?

Calculus Examples The integral of cot(x) with respect to x is ln(|sin(x)|) ln ( | sin ( x ) | ) . The answer is the antiderivative of the function f(x)=cot(x) f ( x ) = cot ( x ) .

What is Cscxcotx?

Integration of the cosecant cotangent function is an important integral formula in integral calculus, and this integral belongs to the trigonometric formulae. The integration of cosecant cotangent is of the form. ∫cscxcotxdx=–cscx+c.

What is cosec2?

The value of cosec 2° is equal to the reciprocal of the y-coordinate (0.0349). ∴ cosec 2° = 28.6537.

What is the formula of cot 3x?

The formula for cot3x is cot3x = (3cotx – cot3x)/(1 – 3cot2x). Cot3x can also be expressed in terms of other trigonometric functions. Some other formulas of cot3x are cot3x = cos3x/sin3x and cot3x = 1/tan3x.

What is the integration of cosec2x?

Answer: (1/2) log |sec 2x + tan 2x| + C, where C is the constant of integration. where C is a constant of integration .

How do you write cot2x?

Cot2x is one of the important and commonly used trigonometric formulas. Mathematically, the formula for cot2x is written as cot2x = (cot^2x – 1)/(2cotx) = (cot2x – 1)/(2cotx). Cot2x can be expressed as combinations of different trigonometric functions and gives the value of cot function for double angle 2x.

What is cot 2x?

Cot2x is an important double angle formula in trigonometry which is used to find the value of the cotangent function for double of angle x. The cot2x formula can be expressed in terms of the tangent function, sine function, cosine function, and the cotangent function itself.

What is cot 3A?

Answer: prove that cot3A = 3cotA – cot^3A/1 – 3cot^2A.