How do you seal doll face paint?

How do you seal doll face paint?

How do you seal doll face paint?

You will need a sealant to protect your paint once you’re done. Testor’s dullcote is the best paint sealer for dolls because it goes on evenly and dries very matte. For a glossy finish (usually for eyes/lips) I use a Liquitex acrylic varnish.

What can I use for BJD face up?

Faceup Materials

  1. Acrylic Paint.
  2. Soft/Chalk Pastel.
  3. Watercolor Pencil.
  4. Watercolor Paint.
  5. Gloss.
  6. Adhesive.
  7. Sealant.

What can you use instead of Mr super clear?

Testors Dullcote is a good, lower cost alternative to the revered Mr. Super Clear. Testors has a larger tooth and a lot of BJD enthusiasts don’t like the feel of it on resin. I find that using water color pencils on vinyl (like Dollfie, Barbie, etc.)

What is a good sealant for dolls?

I’m assuming that most people who ended up looking at this article are absolute beginners and want to explore doll repainting. If there was a recommended fixative or sealant to use, Mr. Super Clear is a popular choice.

Can you use oil pastels on dolls?

Oil pastels won’t ever work and will most likely interact with your dolls plastic and sealant in some unpleasant way. Makeup for humans will only work if it contains no oil or any thing else similar. Artist’s soft chalk pastels are just pigments suspended in a filler and nothing else.

What do I need to repaint a doll?

Starter set must have:

  1. spray sealant & a mask – no discussion here.
  2. watercolor pencils or acrylic paints & miniature paintbrushes.
  3. chalk pastels – for shading and blushing, eye make up etc.
  4. some makeup brushes, Q-tips etc. –
  5. gloss varnish – for eyes and lips.
  6. pure acetone and cotton pads – for removing factory paint.

How do you remove BJD faceup?

Use a lot of cotton balls and swabs, and you can remove just about any faceup with only isopropyl alcohol. My experience with alcohol has been excellent but you should still TEST on your resin before wiping a face. The head-cap is a great place to test– just wipe 1/2 of it with the alcohol and observe for changes.

Can I use Krylon for doll repaints?

When it comes to doll repainting, Mr Super Clear is the preferred sealant to use.

Do you need Mr super clear?

Super Clear is that not only can it be used for BJD’s and vinyl dolls, it can also be used to seal traditional artwork, or even sculptures, or any surface you want to color and want to keep the color on. Being a mixed artist, this is why Mr. Super Clear was an absolutely necessary part of my tool kit.

How toxic is Mr Super Clear?

MSC is only toxic during its “fluid” state which is when it’s in use being sprayed or drying on a surface. It is completely harmless once dry. Use in a well ventilated area.