How do you use Aconex workflow?

How do you use Aconex workflow?

How do you use Aconex workflow?

Start a workflow

  1. Step 1a. Use documents from your Document Register.
  2. Step 1b. Use documents from a transmittal.
  3. Check your documents. Check that the documents you’ve added are correct.
  4. Select a workflow template. Now, click Next.
  5. Finalize and transmit your workflow. In the Workflow Name field, give your workflow a descriptive name.

What is a workflow document?

Document workflow management is a system used to capture, generate, track, edit, approve, store, retrieve, retain and destroy documents associated with business processes. Digital document workflow helps organisations to reduce often large amounts of paperwork that slow down day-to-day operations.

What is a letter or memo of transmittal?

A MEMO (or letter) of transmittal acts to. officially announce the release of the report, give the reader the background necessary to understand the report’s importance, and. further establish the relationship between the writer and the reader.

What is a simple process?

A process is a series of stages in time where the last stage is the product, result or goal. It is a course of action, or a procedure, to achieve a result, or an end-product. The sequence from start to finish is the plan. A plan may be written, or programmed, or just held in the mind.

What is transmittal letter in research?

The transmittal letter provides the recipient with a specific context in which to place the larger document and simultaneously gives the sender a permanent record of having sent the material. Transmittal letters are usually brief. The first paragraph describes what is being sent and the purpose for sending it.

How do I upload drawings to Aconex?

Upload documents, drawings, reports or other project-related files into Aconex from your computer, Dropbox and Box….Upload a document into Aconex

  1. Click Documents.
  2. Select Upload a new document. Note: This option is not be available to all users.
  3. Complete all mandatory fields which are shown in yellow.

What is a transmittal letter example?

A transmittal letter is a brief business letter sent along with another type of communication, such as a longer document like a proposal, a response to an inquiry or a payment. It provides a way to let the recipient understands what is being sent, why they received it, and who it is from.

What are the 3 basic components of workflow?

Each workflow component or step may be described by three parameters: input, transformation, and output.

What is the purpose of a letter or memo of transmittal quizlet?

The letter/memo of transmittal announces the topic and purpose of your document, highlights important segments or surprising information, and prepares the readers for your conclusions and recommendations. You can also set up personal meetings through this document.

What is a document transmittal form?

A transmittal document is a kind of “packing slip” for a document or collection of documents that are transferred from one company to another. The transmittal might be just the front page in an extensive document. But more often it is a separate document file that contains details of the documents that are sent.

What is the difference between workflow and process flow?

Process is a sequence of tasks, workflow is a way to make this sequence more productive and efficient. Process is something that exists naturally and flows intuitively. A workflow is analyzed, planned, modeled and automated consciously and with well-defined purposes.

What is the purpose of a letter or memo of transmittal?

A letter or memo of transmittal conveys the report to the person requesting it, or the primary audience for the report. It provides a context for reading the report. Unlike the report proper, a letter of transmittal may use “I” and be less formal in tone than the rest of the report.

What is a transmittal form used for?

The main purpose of a transmittal is to document the sending of documents, files, or samples.

How do you send transmittal in Aconex?

Click the Send button. You’ll see a confirmation that the transmittal has been sent….If you don’t know any of the details you can skip this step.

  1. Click the Search button.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the documents you want to transmit.
  3. Click the Transmit button.
  4. Select Create a transmittal.

Where does the letter of transmittal go?

The letter of transmittal explains why the report was prepared and its purpose, mentions the title and the period of work, and states the results and recommendations. The letter of transmittal may be separate from the report, but it is usually bound into the report immediately before the table of contents.

What is Process example?

The definition of a process is the actions happening while something is happening or being done. An example of process is the steps taken by someone to clean a kitchen. An example of process is a collection of action items to be decided on by government committees. noun.

How do I create a workflow template?

To create a workflow from workflow template

  1. Choose the. icon, enter Workflows, and then choose the related link.
  2. Choose the Create Workflow from Template action.
  3. Select a workflow template, and then choose the OK button.
  4. Proceed to create the workflow by editing the workflow steps or add new steps.

What should an effective letter of transmittal include quizlet?

Letters of transmittal should address the recipient of the proposal; state the topic and affirm the proposal authorization; describe the project; briefly present major findings, conclusions, and recommendations; and close with appreciation for the assignment or instruction for follow-up action.

How do you create a process and procedure?

Using a step-by-step method to document a process will help you get it done quickly.

  1. Step 1: Identify and Name the Process.
  2. Step 2: Define the Process Scope.
  3. Step 3: Explain the Process Boundaries.
  4. Step 4: Identify the Process Outputs.
  5. Step 5: Identify the Process Inputs.
  6. Step 6: Brainstorm the Process Steps.

What should an effective letter of transmittal include?

Points:1 / 1Close ExplanationExplanation:Letters of transmittal should address the recipient of the proposal; state the topic and affirm the proposal authorization; describe the project; briefly present major findings, conclusions, and recommendations; and close with appreciation for the assignment or instruction for …

How do I start a workflow?

How to Build Your Workflow Flowchart

  1. Step 1: Name your workflow.
  2. Step 2: Identify start and end points.
  3. Step 3: Identify what is needed to perform the process.
  4. Step 4: List any tasks and activities.
  5. Step 5: Identify the order tasks should be accomplished.
  6. Step 6: Identify roles.

What is the meaning of Transmittal?

the act of sending a

How do you write a transmittal letter?

How to write a letter of transmittal

  1. Include heading with the date and recipient’s address. Include a heading with your full name and company address, located in the top left corner of the page.
  2. Greet the recipient appropriately.
  3. Write the letter body.
  4. Include a short closing paragraph.

What is workflow example?

Here’s a simple example of a workflow where multiple people are involved: A freelancer creates an invoice and sends it to their client. The client sends the invoice to their finance department. The finance department approves the invoice and processes the payment.

What is a transmittal list?

n. A list of files being transferred from one area to another, especially from an office to a records center.

How do you create a process?

The right way to create a process

  1. Do the task yourself.
  2. Note down how you did it, not leaving any of the steps out.
  3. Structure the steps into a high-level overview.
  4. Break the high-level steps down into smaller items.
  5. Meticulously detail each small item, using images, videos and external resources to explain everything.

What’s the difference between submittal and transmittal?

submittals. Transmittals are a form of communication; however, it usually stands on its own. A transmittal doesn’t accompany any item or document. Transmittals can be updated documents or other documents that are necessary for construction.

How do you write a good process document?

How to create process documentation

  1. Step 1: Define the process and its scope. Decide which process you are going to document.
  2. Step 2: Organize the steps.
  3. Step 3: Describe who is involved.
  4. Step 4: Note down exceptions to the normal process flow.
  5. Step 5: Add control points.
  6. Step 6: Review and test the process.

What is workflow in Aconex?

A workflow is made up of a number of steps. Each step sets out the actions needed at that point in the workflow. Find out more about how workflow templates are created using a series of steps.