How far do you have to walk for DofE Bronze?

How far do you have to walk for DofE Bronze?

How far do you have to walk for DofE Bronze?

16km per day
How far do you walk on DofE? The distance you walk per day on DofE varies between awards. A standard distance to walk is 16km per day on Bronze, 19km per day on Silver, and 23km per day on Gold. Naturally, some groups will do less than this, and others more.

How long do you have to walk in DofE?

Bronze: A minimum of 2 days, 1 night; 6 hours planned activity each day. Silver: A minimum of 3 days, 2 nights; 7 hours planned activity each day. Gold: A minimum of 4 days, 3 nights; 8 hours planned activity each day.

Do you have to pay for DofE?

Everyone receives a DofE Card to get discounts on things like kit and expeditions don’t need to be expensive.

Is Peak District wild country?

Please note that the Peak District is one of the only expedition areas that includes both normal and wild country and therefore all routes are checked to ensure that they are taking place in the recommended area for the level of expedition.

Are there toilets on DofE?

Most of the campsites we use will have toilets – some may be proper flushing toilets, others may be more basic portaloos. If you are wild camping then you will not have a toilet, but we will provide you with a trowel and our instructors will discuss camp hygiene with you during the pre-expedition training.

Can you fail Duke of Edinburgh Award?

It is not possible to fail a DofE award, but you can fail expeditions or have evidence rejected. This means that in some instances individuals will have to redo an expedition, or even restart entire sections.

Do you get UCAS points from DofE?

For those of you doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award for the purposes of university admissions, you should know that it doesn’t actually give you UCAS points. It does not serve any purpose on your UCAS form beyond the personal statement, where you are entitled to push it hard.

Is gold DofE wild camping?

‘ Is wild camping a requirement at Gold level? No, but it can be a very positive addition to many expeditions. The DofE Expedition Guide states that ‘DofE expeditions are about solitude and independence, so DofE teams are expected to use only very basic campsites….

What is wild country DofE?

The expeditions are about solitude and independence and being exposed to countryside locations across the UK. At Gold level, it is expected that your Expedition section should be through Wild Country which is defined as ‘an area remote from habitation’ and a qualifying expedition should be four days and three nights.

Is Derbyshire in the north or south of England?

Although Derbyshire is in the East Midlands, some parts, such as High Peak (which incorporated former areas of Cheshire after boundary changes in 1974), are closer to the northern cities of Manchester and Sheffield and these receive services more affiliated with northern England; for example, the North West Ambulance Service, Granada Television

Where is the forest of East Derbyshire?

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What is the history of Derbyshire?

The area that is now Derbyshire was first visited, probably briefly, by humans 200,000 years ago during the Aveley interglacial, as shown by a Middle Paleolithic Acheulean hand axe found near Hopton. Further occupation came with the Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic periods of the Stone Age. when Mesolithic hunter-gatherers roamed the hilly tundra.

What is the Derbyshire Scouting DofE?

Welcome to the Derbyshire Scouting DofE website. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young people aged 14-25, regardless of gender, background or ability.