How much does a contractor license cost in AZ?

How much does a contractor license cost in AZ?

How much does a contractor license cost in AZ?

License Fees

New License Application
Classification Application Fee License Fee
General Commercial (A, B-1, B-2) $200 $580
Specialty Commercial (C) $100 $480
General Residential (B, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-10) $180 $320

What is required to get a contractors license in Arizona?

What are the Arizona Contractor License Requirements?

  • Complete the state application.
  • Complete and pass the Arizona Trade and Business Management Exams.
  • Obtain a FEIN also known as a Federal Tax ID Number.
  • Obtain your Arizona Contractor License Bond.

How much does a $15000 contractor bond cost?

The $15,000 California Contractor License surety bond costs between $102 to $450 per year. Insurance companies determine the rate based on a number of factors including your customer’s credit score and experience.

What is the difference between bonded and insured?

Being bonded means you have purchased a surety bond that offers limited guarantees to clients. Being insured means that you have an insurance policy that protects against accidents and liabilities, often with greater limits than bonds.

What is the purpose of being bonded?

Being bonded helps create trust between your business and your clients because you are giving them assurances that they will be financially protected from losses they may suffer if you don’t fulfill your contractual obligations to them completely.

What does fully bonded mean?

A company is bonded when it has secured funds (controlled by a state agency) to be available for potential consumer claims against the company. Bonding usually refers to a type of surety guarantee that a specific project, service or act will be financially covered if performance is not complete or satisfactory.