How much does a NQT earn in London?

How much does a NQT earn in London?

How much does a NQT earn in London?

Unqualified teacher salaries

Area Minimum Maximum
London £19,613 £33,410
Rest of England and Wales £18,419 £28,735

Do you get a pay rise after your NQT year?

As for pay rise, after passing your NQT year you automatically go up (although this isn’t usually in effect until Oct/Nov). After this it is all performance based. Your NQT year is already performance tested so passing that means that you are able to go up a scale.

What is the starting salary for a primary school teacher in London?

How much do Primary School Teacher jobs pay in different locations?

Location Average Range
East London £47,500 £42,500​-​£59,875
South West London £44,221 £40,308​-​£47,500
North London £42,500 £39,003​-​£47,500
South East London £42,500 £39,003​-​£42,930

Is NQT year harder than PGCE?

Before September I had some doubts and fears about what awaited in my very own classroom, I had had an extended break from the actual practice of teaching and had heeded the numerous warnings from more experienced colleagues who clearly stated, “Your NQT year is far worse than your PGCE year, but don’t worry it gets a …

Is an NQT a qualified teacher?

NQT stands for ‘newly qualified teacher’. This is someone who has completed their initial teacher training and gained qualified teacher status (QTS) in England and Wales. At this level, they won’t have finished their mandatory induction programme.

Where are teachers paid the most?

Highest pay for teachers by state

  • Washington, D.C.: $81,030.
  • New York: $76,390.
  • Massachusetts: $75,040.
  • Maryland: $72,040.
  • Rhode Island: $70,280.
  • California: $70,170.
  • Connecticut: $69,240.
  • Nevada: $68,160.

How many NQTs quit?

A total of 15.3 per cent of newly-qualified teachers who started work in 2017 were no longer in service last year, according to DfE statistics.