How much does a week at Canyon Ranch cost?

How much does a week at Canyon Ranch cost?

How much does a week at Canyon Ranch cost?

The weekly rate (from $7,800) includes activities such as spinning and hiking but not spa services, on which the average guest spends an extra $1,500. The biggest single-day spree on record is $45,000; each week a few big spenders notch $10,000 in facials and rub-downs.

What is Canyon Ranch known for?

Canyon Ranch is a luxury wellness lifestyle brand that operates two destination health spa resorts and one retreat property in the United States. Canyon Ranch resorts are located in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts; its retreat property is located in Woodside, California.

Do people go to Canyon Ranch alone?

The resort welcomes a large number of solo travelers and for many people, especially those living alone in Manhattan and other urban areas, the simple act of being able to connect with others has huge health benefits.

Where is Canyon Ranch in Tucson?

You can find Canyon Ranch 14 miles northeast of downtown Tucson. This all-inclusive health resort and spa provides more than just a vacation, but a retreat. And guests say if you’re looking for large helping of rejuvenation with a pinch of transformation, Canyon Ranch is the place to go.

What happened to Canyon Ranch in Tucson?

You can go to canyonranchtucsonactivities and see everything that’s currently offered. Canyon Ranch was sold last year and the new owner corporation has really kicked in now. It is far from the terrific place it once was and prices are much higher (almost double).

How big is the ranch in Tucson AZ?

In a mostly residential section of northeast Tucson not far from the foothills of the Santa Catalina Natural Area, this 150-acre former cattle ranch now shares the secrets of healthy living with its clientele. You’ll find downtown Tucson approximately 15 miles southwest of the resort.

Did we miss the mark at Canyon Ranch Tucson?

Thank you for choosing Canyon Ranch Tucson as your health and wellness destination. Superior service is always a priority for us. However, it seems we missed the mark during aspects of your visit. Please know we take your comments seriously and will discuss with our leadership team.