How much does Moscow metro cost?

How much does Moscow metro cost?

How much does Moscow metro cost?

Fares: Moscow Metro fares start at 55 rubles for a one-way ticket, which is good for five days after purchase. You’ll pay more if your journey takes you outside of the central Moscow zones of A and B, though this is not the case for most tourists. How to Pay: Cash is the only way to buy a one-way ticket.

How do I get from Moscow airport to city Centre?

The Aeroexpress train is considered to be the best value for money to get to the centre of Moscow. The train departs from Domodedovo airport every 30 minutes and heads directly to the central Paveletskaya metro station taking approximately 45 minutes.

How do you get from VKO to DME?

The best way to get from Moscow Vnukovo Airport (VKO) to Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME) is to train and Aeroexpress which takes 1h 59m and costs RUB 955 – RUB 965. Alternatively, you can night bus and line 308 bus, which costs RUB 160 – RUB 280 and takes 2h 13m.

How do you pay for metro in Moscow?

A travel card can be used to pay for travelling by the Moscow Metro, the Monorail, the Moscow Central Circle, and by all modes of ground public transport. A ticket for one journey can be purchased at cash desks.

Are taxis expensive in Russia?

Taxis in Russia work a little bit different than their Western counterparts. First of all, they are incredibly cheap. Finding a taxi to the airport for about $10 is absolutely no problem, if you know the right way to do it.

How much is a cup of coffee in Moscow?

Food and drink Coffee: 65 – ₽ 150 ( US$ 2.30).

Is Russia cheaper than India?

Russia is 75% more expensive than India.

Can I use dollars in Russia?

Bringing money into Russia A lot of banks don’t have Russian rubles in stock, since it’s a very unstable currency to have. In that case, the best money to take is dollars or euros, since they are widely accepted at currency exchange places all around the country.

How to get to Vnukovo Airport?

Vnukovo International airport taxis are considered to be the fastest and most comfortable transportation method to the city. The total travel distance is 30km and the trip duration can range from 35 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic conditions.

Who uses the VIP facility at Vnukovo Airport?

Vnukovo Airport is equipped with a VIP hall, which is used by many political leaders and important people visiting Russia. The Russian President also uses Vnukovo’s VIP facility.

Is there free WiFi at Moscow Vnukovo Airport?

Free WiFi is available at Moscow Vnukovo Airport in Terminal A for 15 minutes. Device authentication is required via SMS which costs around 50 ₽ (depending on the operator). After the free 15 minutes, you will be asked to pay asked to pay 129 rubles for 24 hours.

Who is the owner of Vnukovo Airlines?

“Owner: Vnukovo Airlines 1st Ulitsa Relsovaya 12 Vnukovo Airport Moscow, 103027, Russia” ^ “Qatar Airways plans to buy stake in Russian airport as emir visits Moscow”. 27 March 2018. Retrieved 2018-06-03.