How much does Rudra Abhishek cost?

How much does Rudra Abhishek cost?

How much does Rudra Abhishek cost?

Rudra Abhishek Puja Cost It is a 1 hour Pooja. The cost of doing this Pooja is around Rs. 1000/- INR – 2000/- INR.

Who can perform Rudrabhishek?

Rudrabhishek is a very powerful ritual according to the Hindu mythology. It is performed by men, women and unmarried girls for healthy and peaceful life, successful career, child and a good life partner.” About the charges, Pandey said: “It depends on the devotees. ‘Puja samagri’ (worship material) costs about Rs1,500.

What are the benefits of doing Rudrabhishek?

Benefits of Rudrabhishek Puja

  • Creating of happiness at palace.
  • Success in education, job and career.
  • Harmonious relationships.
  • Elimination of financial troubles.
  • Removal of doshas.
  • Bringing peace and harmony in our abodes.
  • Elimination of health connected problems.
  • Blessing a person with a healthy mind and positive spirit.

How much time does it take for Rudrabhishekam?

2) Every puja will take 30 – 45 min time for you or the pandit to perform. The Three-hour time slot is a place holder for the zoom meeting. 3) Every puja will be organized by an experienced pandit with Vedic customs & rituals.

Can I do Rudrabhishek at home?

Offer Vastra, Janeu and apply Chandan with your right finger. Light the dhoop, followed by a lamp or Diya and shower Bhasma, Bel Patra, Durva, flowers while ringing the bell. Then cleanse your hand and offer fruits, paan, supari, laung and elaichi, dakshina etc. Keep chanting OM Namah Shivaya during the rudrabhishek.

Can we do Rudrabhishek in evening?

Rudrabhishekha is performed in the morning as well as evening. One priest will be designated to you and he will help you perform the pooja.

How can we do Abhishekam at home?

How to perform Shiva Linga Abhishek?

  1. Respectfully place the Shiva Linga on a brass or copper plate on the altar in your house.
  2. Light an oil lamp.
  3. Begin the abhishekam by offering water.
  4. Chant Om Namah Shivaya or the 108 names of Lord Shiva while performing the abhishekam.
  5. Then offer a small bowl of raw milk.

How can we do Rudrabhishek at home?

What is Rudrabhishek requirement?

Begin the Rudrabhishek by offering some water while chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Then gently pour Panchamrit on the Shiva Ling. Offer Chandan and water. Offer flowers and raw milk followed by Gangajal or water.

How can do Rudrabhishek pooja at home?

Sprinkle some water on your Asana and yourself for purification while invoking the deities. Offer a flower and akshat to the lamp. Then, gently move the Shiva Linga from the chowki to a big tray. Make sure you place the Linga on a Bel Patra before performing the Rudrabhishek.

How many types of abhishekam are there?

There are four classes of abhiseka, each being associated with one of the four Tantras. They are master consecration, secret consecration, knowledge of prajna, and the fourth consecration.