How much is a Colour steel roof?

How much is a Colour steel roof?

How much is a Colour steel roof?

With Coloursteel starting from around $55 plus GST per square metre, it’s the most cost-effective roofing option with a ‘standard’ three-bedroom house priced around $10,000 to $12,000 to roof or re-roof.

How long does a Colour steel roof last?

With COLORSTEEL®, there really isn’t a lot of maintenance to speak of, which is what makes it one of our top recommendations for roofing solutions. Most of the products only require a rain wash with a manual wash every six months, and depending on the environment the roof could last for 30 years.

What color of metal roof is best?

The best matches include black and red, as well as bare metal. Yellow buildings are beautiful and sunny, but the roof needs to contrast with the bright color. Muted shades are going to be the best bet here, so stick with things like black, brown, and gray. Blue is also a good option, but don’t choose bright shades.

How much is the roof steel in Philippines prices?

While prices vary, for residential metal roofing, you can expect to pay anywhere from PHP 400 to PHP 600 per square meter. As for linear meter, rates are usually at PHP 200 to PHP 400. You can also get roof ventilators as a set for as low as PHP 1,500.

What is the cheapest roofing material for a house?

Asphalt is the cheapest of all roofing materials in the market and will last you between 15 to 30 years. This is the best option for homeowners facing budgetary constraints. It is also widely available and comes in a variety of colors.

What is colour steel Endura?

COLORSTEEL Endura® is designed to provide protection against corrosion in areas where moderate to severe environmental conditions are experienced. It is the most popular COLORSTEEL® choice, a product which can be seen on homes, businesses and buildings right around the country.

What is the warranty on colour steel roof?

The warranties below are for residential buildings, the maximum warranty offered on commercial properties is 15 years. To learn more check out the Environmental categories, warranty & product, maintenance recommendations brochure.

Can I paint over colour steel roofing?

Apply two coats of acrylic roofing paint in the selected colour. (Typically two brush applied coats achieve 50 microns). apply a good quality acrylic galvanised iron primer. Apply two coats of acrylic roofing paint in the selected colour.

Do colored metal roofs fade?

The answer is yes. Fading on painted metal roofs occurs when substances like water, pollution, and chemicals in the atmosphere and specific environments react with the pigment of the paint. In other words, the pigment begins to break down, which causes the color change.

What is the most popular color roof?

The most popular colors of roof shingles are shades of black, brown, gray, and red. These popular shingle colors stem from the materials that builders have been using for centuries: slate, wood, metal, and clay.

What is the best color for metal roofing?


  • Berridge
  • PacLad
  • Drexel Metals
  • Affordable Metal. While you want the overall look of your home to reflect your personal aesthetic taste,it is also important to consider the general trends of roof colors
  • What are the different colors of metal roofing?

    TAMKO MetalWorks AstonWood

  • TAMKO MetalWorks StoneCrest Tile
  • TAMKO MetalWorks AstonWood
  • What is the Best Metal for roofing?

    Aluminum Roofs. Aluminum roofs are a great fit for standing seam roofs compared to other materials since it’s simple to work with,doesn’t corrode,and doesn’t require any maintenance.

  • Copper Roofing. Copper is one of the oldest and most durable metals used in human history.
  • Metal Tile Roofs.
  • Metal Shingle Roofs.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs.
  • Tin Roofing.
  • What materials are used to make metal roofing?

    Copper. Copper is one of the most commonly used materials in metal roofing.

  • Zinc. Zinc is an extremely durable metal and is very malleable.
  • Aluminum. This metal is one of the more lightweight materials and is more malleable which allows for more creativity when creating roofing designs.
  • Steel.
  • Tin.