How much retinol is in cosmedix refine?

How much retinol is in cosmedix refine?

How much retinol is in cosmedix refine?

CosMedix Refine Plus is double strength and contains 8% Retinol AGP!

What are refine serum for?

Use under moisturizer to help ease dryness, soothe redness, minimize the appearance of pores, and leave skin with a perfectly polished glow. Weight: 1.0 oz. Benefits: Designed to help improve your skin’s clarity and texture.

What percentage of retinol is in Cosmedix serum 16?

Asked by Carole d. Hi Carole! Great question – Serum 16 contains 16% LG-Retinex (combination of Retinol and Retinaldehyde). This delivery system provides maximum-strength skin renewal, without the typical irritation experienced with most Retinoids.

What is AGP Retinol Complex?

What It Is: AGP Complex is a product of our very own invention. Naturally, there are a lot of technical terms we could use to describe this high-performance skincare ingredient, but to put it simply, AGP Complex is our special blend of plant-based ingredients and Vitamin A (Retinol).

How do you use Cosmedix defy?

Cosmedix Defy can be used morning and evening. Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed skin 2-4 times weekly as part of your regimen. Follow with a moisturiser. Clean, clinical, and luxurious – This is one of the first cosmeceutical ranges that we curated at the Clinic.

How fast does refined serum make you?

Increases your Movement speed by +5 % for 16 seconds. Creates a Blight trail behind the affected Survivor. Can be used on other Survivors or yourself.

Is Cosmedix medical grade?

Our skin care products are been carefully developed or chosen from trusted skin care leaders; our own Clarity line of skin care, CosMedix, Elta MD, and Oxygenetix. These skin care products are all medical grade and only offered through trusted medical professionals.

What does Cosmedix serum 16 do?

Serum 16 features hydrators coupled with retinol to target signs of aging while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier function. This innovative formula helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, smooth wrinkles and boost moisture without causing redness, dryness or irritation.

What is AGP in skincare?

AGP is a transdermal ingredient that tricks the skin into working like a younger skin. Refine is also a powerful anti-oxidant which reduces free radical activity in the skin and regulates the oil flow in the skin (good for acne regulation).