Is BMW E21 rare?

Is BMW E21 rare?

Is BMW E21 rare?

A BMW E21 in great condition is already a rare sight, but this 323i is even more special than that.

Is BMW E21 reliable?

BMW E21 3 Series: on the road The four-cylinder M10 unit is extremely durable, capable of exceeding 200,000 miles without major attention given basic servicing.

What is an E21 BMW?

The BMW E21 is the first generation of the BMW 3 Series compact executive cars, which were produced from June 1975 to 1983 and replaced the BMW 02 Series. The series was exclusively built in a two-door sedan body style (except for convertibles made by Baur).

How much does a BMW E21 cost?

A: The average price of a BMW 3 Series – E21 is $24,559.

Is BMW 320i rare?

Early four cylinder 320/320i cars, never common when new, are extremely rare but not worth any more than a six-cylinder car.

How many cylinder is BMW 323i?

What Engine Is In A 2010 Bmw 323I? An engine range from 1 to 2 is available. The 323 comes with a 5-litre inline six- cylinder engine and is 3.2 liter. The displacement of the engine is 328 kW in an inline six-cylinder version; a twin-turbo three.

Is a BMW 320i an E21?

The 320i was a variant of the E21 BMW 3 Series that was introduced for the 1976 model year. This series of sedans were powered by BMW’s M64 engine, sending power to the rear wheels via a manual transmission. The 320i’s 2.0L inline four engine featured fuel-injection, and generated 123hp.

Is the E28 reliable?

They are VERY reliable as daily drivers but like “a” said, they do have common problem areas, as noted. Given all the other cars you have listed in your siggy, you should be pleasantly surprised by your experiences with an e28.

When did the BMW 3 Series E21 323i 5 man come out?

This BMW 3 Series E21 323i (5-Man) model was produced in the period between Jan-1978 and Aug-1979 model years. Also, this BMW is 5 seats 2 doors middle class (bmw 3 series) sedan (saloon).

When did the BMW E21 come out?

In July 1975, BMW’s Board of Management introduced the E21 to the public at the Munich Olympic Stadium. The frontal view of the new car was dominated by the BMW trademark kidney grille standing out clearly from the radiator cover. The styling of the new car bore a resemblance to the E12 5 Series which was in production as the E21 was introduced.

What is the top speed of a BMW 323i?

This BMW 323i produces 143 Hp and 105 kW power at 5800 rpm and 190 Nm torque at 4500 rpm with top claim speed 190 km/h and acceleration 0-100 km/h in – Official fuel consumption is – in the city, – on the highway and – in the mixed circle on the Super Plus fuel type.

What is the BMW E21’s cockpit design?

The BMW E21 is according to the Design Museum London one of “fifty cars that changed the world”. The cockpit design of the E21 marked the introduction of a new design concept, with the center console and central dashboard area angled towards the driver.