Is Conrad Johnson still in business?

Is Conrad Johnson still in business?

Is Conrad Johnson still in business?

After growing that enterprise into one of the most acclaimed brands in high-end audio, Conrad and Johnson have sold their company to longtime Senior Technician and current General Manager Jeff Fischel, who has been with the company since the late 1980s.

Who is Conrad Johnson?

Conrad Oberon Johnson (November 15, 1915 – February 3, 2008) was an American music educator, long associated with the city of Houston, who was inducted into the Texas Bandmasters Hall of Fame in 2000. Born in Victoria, Texas, Conrad Johnson was nine when his family moved to Houston.

Who owns Cary Audio?

Masters of Hifi Interviews Billy Wright, President/CEO of Cary Audio.

Is Cary Audio still in business?

Cary Audio has always been and continues to be a privately-owned small business based in North Carolina.

Why choose Conrad Johnson amplifiers?

Tasked with developing the most cost effective amplifier that we could build, consistent with our standards of quality of construction and performance, the conrad-johnson design team turned to our flagship product for inspiration.

When was the first Conrad Johnson preamp made?

— Introduced May 1990, PF1L in August 1991 The PF1 was the first solid state preamp bearing the conrad-johnson name. More than one decade of research and development led to the introduction of PF1.

What kind of capacitors are used in Conrad Johnson preamplifiers?

This was the first preamplifier to feature the exclusive use of conrad-johnson’s proprietary CJD polystyrene film capacitors throughout the audio circuits and related power supplies.

What kind of amplifier does the Conrad Johnson EV1 use?

Based on the circuit used in conrad-johnson’s acclaimed Premier Fifteen, the EV1 used a single-ended triode input amplifier comprised of both sections of a miniature twin–triode tube connected in parallel for reduced noise. A second single-ended triode amplifier provided added gain.