Is Graff a luxury brand?

Is Graff a luxury brand?

Is Graff a luxury brand?

The US-based research facility the Luxury Institute has announced its 2012 Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) for jewellery, with UK-based diamond specialist Graff Diamonds named the highest-scoring luxury brand based on its reputation, quality and craftsmanship.

Is Graff jewelry a good brand?

Graff is first and foremost known for the exceptional quality of their diamonds, in both cut and clarity.

Who is the Graff jewelry model?

Model Sara Sampaio is the face of Graff’s Tribal jewelry campaign.

Who is Graff owned by?

Laurence Graff OBE
Laurence Graff OBE (born 13 June 1938) is an English jeweller and billionaire businessman, best known as the founder of Graff Diamonds, supplier of jewellery and jewels….

Laurence Graff
Occupation Businessman and jeweller
Years active 1953–present
Spouse(s) Anne-Marie Graff (divorced)
Children 5

Is Graff jewelry expensive?

An Expert’s Hands that Recognized its Value Graff purchased the 24.78-carat emerald-cut fancy intense pink diamond at a Switzerland auction in November 2010 for $46 million. At the time, that was the most amount of money ever spent on a diamond making it officially the most expensive diamond in the world.

Are Graff Diamonds real?

The majority of Graff diamonds are laser engraved with unique Gemological Institute of America (GIA) tracking numbers, which whilst invisible to the naked eye, allow for their origin to be traced.

Who owns Graff Diamonds hallucination?

Laurence Graff
The idea behind making this record-setting timepiece came from Laurence Graff, the Chairman of Graff Diamonds. He stated that: “For many years I have thought about creating a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our all-consuming passion for diamonds. The Hallucination has made my dream a reality.”

Where is Graff jewelry made?

Graff is all about diamonds and all the diamonds used for Graff jewels (whether personally sourced by Laurence Graff or through the normal supply chain) go through the South African Diamond Corporation (SAFDICO), which is Graff’s diamond procurement and polishing division in Botswana.

Who owns the Graff Pink diamond?

The Graff Pink is a rare 24.78 carat pink diamond, once owned by American celebrity jeweller Harry Winston. The diamond, mounted in a ring, was sold by Sotheby’s auctioneers in Geneva, Switzerland on 16 November 2010….Graff Pink.

Weight 24.78 carats (4.956 g)
Owner Laurence Graff
Estimated value US$46 million

Are Graff Diamonds the best?

The most highly regarded white diamonds are completely, or close to completely, colourless. Graded on a scale from D to Z, most Graff diamonds range between D and G – the rarest and most sought-after grades.

Why is the Graff Diamonds hallucination watch so expensive?

The incredible worth stems from 110 carats of really rare and really big colored diamonds set into a bracelet of platinum.