Is it OK to use you in an essay?

Is it OK to use you in an essay?

Is it OK to use you in an essay?

The use of you is acceptable in certain types of informal writing, such as personal letters and narratives. However, you is generally considered inappropriate in academic writing, such as papers or journals.

How do you avoid the word very?

So here are some ways to avoid using very and what to use instead:Very hard → Grueling (punishing, torturous, demanding)Very tired → Drained (zero energy)Very thirsty → Parched.Very happy → Overjoyed.Very excited → Eager.

What is another word for yet?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for yet, like: however, but, notwithstanding, although, precede, in-spite-of, till, besides, despite, still and at-any-rate.

Should a sentence start with but?

Of course, there are style guides that discourage it, but it’s perfectly acceptable to begin a sentence with “but” when writing. By all means, start sentences with “but” from time to time, but remember that “but” also belongs after a comma.