Is the HK P30SK a good gun?

Is the HK P30SK a good gun?

Is the HK P30SK a good gun?

The P30 is definitely a worthwhile purchase for any serious gun owner. H&K has always been at the forefront of modern, reliable firearm designs for the past forty-five years. Today we’re going to examine one of their most updated, modern pistols, the P30!

Does the HK P30SK have a safety?

Like all P30 pistols, the P30SK features an automatic hammer safety and firing pin safety. An abbreviated Picatinny rail molded into the front of the frame enables weapon lights, lasers, or other accessories to be easily mounted. All P30SK models have been extensively tested during a three year development process.

Is HK P30 good for concealed carry?

P30 can be carried just fine, but the grip is fairly lengthy. If you dont mind printing a bit you should be fine. It isn’t “heavy” but it isn’t exactly “light” either. Good belt, and good holster FTW with any gun.

How many rounds does a HK P30SK hold?

The HK P30 ships with a 15-round flush-fit magazine. For years, the 15-round magazine was the only option but recently, as, of 2020, the HK P30 will accept the 17-round magazines that HK redesigned for the HK VP9 2020.

Where is the HK P30SK made?

My USP Tactical, P30, P2000 and P2000SK guns are all German made.

Is the HK P30SK ambidextrous?

The HK P30 magazine release is really amazing. HK is known for its paddle-style mag releases and this is no exception. The magazine release on the HK P30 is fully ambidextrous and as a right-handed shooter, I am able to find three ways that I can quickly release the magazine.

What is a P30SK�?

The P30SK is that third kind of pistol. It is made of quality parts that are well machined and so tightly fitted that it feels like a custom gun. The interior parts are polished free from machine marks. The slide is tight and smooth, and the slide/frame fit is precise. On the range, the P30SK performed very well.

What is the barrel size of the HK P30SK?

Model: HK P30SK Caliber: 9mm (.40 S&W Available) Capacity: 10+1 /15+1/ 20+1 Barrel Length: 3.27” and 3.85”

How accurate is The P30SK laser?

The green laser offers a more precise aiming point, giving a clear picture of a handgun’s overall accuracy potential without variations due to sight design. With the laser in place, the P30SK was extremely accurate. At 15 yards, groups hovered just above an inch.

What is the Heckler and Koch P30SK?

Although Heckler and Koch is better-known for their incredible collection of military weapons, such as the MP5, the German arms company also produces several top-shelf civilian firearms. While H&K originally designed this lineup of polymer-framed pistols in 2006, the P30 series underwent several major overhauls until its culmination with the P30SK.