Is Vesica a good vodka?

Is Vesica a good vodka?

Is Vesica a good vodka?

It’s not bad at all. Clean and simple, Vesica offers traditional aromas and body, quite medicinal in the mid-palate but overall pleasing and easy. The finish has bite, but also some sweetness. The balance is about right, provided you like a big, hearty spirit.

Is Vesica Vodka made from potatoes?

#”Vesica Vodka is produced in Poland from potatoes. Triple distilled then triple filtered including through charcoal (the best traditional vodka filtration) and then put through a ceramic candling process for further purity.

What are the most popular potato vodkas?

Top 15 Potato Vodka Brands You Must Try

  1. Chopin Potato Vodka. Chopin Vodka is one of the best potato vodka brands.
  2. Woody Creek Distillers Potato Vodka.
  3. Karlsson’s Gold Vodka.
  4. Zodiac Vodka.
  5. Murlarkey Divine Clarity Vodka.
  6. Born & Bred Potato Vodka.
  7. Vesica Vodka.
  8. Chase Original Potato Vodka.

Is Vesica vodka gluten free?

From the house of purveyor Adamba comes Vesica Vodka, a gluten-free, award-winning vodka brand. The basic ingredient is potato, which is the fundamental ingredient that unites the old-world craftsmanship of Polish vodka making with new world triple-play distillation technology.

What kind of vodka is svedka?

ABOUT SVEDKA VODKA: Intangible Business also named SVEDKA the #4 Most Powerful Vodka Brand on their 2011 Power 100 List. SVEDKA is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), distilled five times and made from Swedish winter wheat, resulting in a smooth, clean taste.

Is SVEDKA or Smirnoff better?

The Bottom Line. Whether you are looking for a wider range of flavors, a smoother taste, or a lower price point, you can’t go wrong with either Smirnoff or Svedka.

Is Svedka vodka top shelf?

As one of the world’s most versatile spirits, a good, cheap vodka is a staple bottle while a top-shelf vodka can be the perfect addition to a dinner party….The 15 best Vodka brands of 2022.

Rank Brand Category
1 Absolut Best overall
2 Grey Goose Best top shelf
3 Svedka Best value
4 Beluga Best high-end

What flavors does vesica vodka come in?

Enjoy original Vesica and try our four great flavors – Peach, Green Apple, Coconut and Pineapple! Potatoes not only make for a superb tasting vodka but one that is also naturally, Gluten-Free.

What makes our vodka so elegant?

The same elegant simplicity can be found in our award-winning vodka. The basic ingredient is potatoes. They are fundamental to a process that unites the old-world craftsmanship of Polish vodka-making with new-world triple-play distillation technology. Impurities have no place in a masterpiece. Activated carbon filtration zaps them.

Is potatoes vodka gluten-free?

Potatoes not only make for a superb tasting vodka but one that is also naturally, Gluten-Free. This is an added benefit for people with grain allergies who generally must avoid consuming products such as cereals, barley, wheat, rye and other grain-based items.