Should the driving age be raised argumentative essay?

Should the driving age be raised argumentative essay?

Should the driving age be raised argumentative essay?

The driving age should be raised to 18 because there will be fewer accidents, and teenagers will have more time to develop their minds. Too many accidents are caused by teens, and many people die as a result. Teenagers’ minds aren’t developed to enough in order to handle driving.

Why should driving age not be raised?

If the driving age was raised to 18, high school students would be unable to drive themselves to work, so many would be unable to get employment before college. A raised driving age would also complicate many students’ mode of transportation to and from school and extracurricular activities.

Would raising the driving age save lives?

Even a modest increase in the legal driving age to 18 would save lives. The majority of accidents among teenagers occur with 16 and 17-year-old drivers. Other countries recognize that 16 is too young for a driver’s license.

What car can a 16 year old drive UK?

In the new year, 16-year-olds will be able to legally drive some cars on the UK’s roads. A new category of moped licence is being introduced on 19 January 2013. It will allow people aged 16 and over to drive so-called ‘light quadricycles’.

What can a 16 year old legally drive in the UK?

Once you turn 16, you can use your provisional driving licence to learn to drive a moped or a light quad bike, but not a car. You can only learn to drive a car on public roads in the UK from the day you turn 17.

What can you ride at 16 in the UK?

An AM licence allows riders aged 16 and over to:Ride a mopeds with speed range of 25 km/h to 45 km/h (rough top speed of 30mph)Ride small three-wheelers (up to 50 cc and below 4 kW)Ride light quadricycles (weighing under 350 kg, top speed 45 km/h)Ride without L-plates on.Carry a pillion passenger.

Can a 16 year old drive a Microcar?

New and existing drivers what qualifications do you need to be able to drive a microcar / quadricycle ? New driving licence rules now 16 year olds can drive!! New motor cycle licence holders from 2001 can now drive light quadricycles from 19 January 2013.

What can a 16 year old ride?

The maximum engine size a 16 year old can ride is 50cc. What does this mean in real terms? 50cc is the smallest engine size legally allowed on public roads, and 50cc scooters can reach a top speed of around 28mph.

How fast is 125cc?


How fast does a 125cc 2 stroke go?

These nifty little bikes will comfortably reach a speed of 60mph (96kph). Providing the rider has an appropriate motorcycle licence, a 125cc bike can be driven on the motorway.