What alcohol goes best with citrus?

What alcohol goes best with citrus?

What alcohol goes best with citrus?

7 Super-Simple Citrus Cocktails Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

  • Bocce Ball.
  • Rum and Orange.
  • Whiskey or Bourbon Sour.
  • Lemon Drop.
  • Classic Daiquiri. Lime Juice + White Rum + Simple Syrup.
  • Do you have any other favorite simple citrus-based drinks?
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What is cocktail citrus?

Parentage/origins: Cocktail is actually a hybrid of Siamese Sweet pummelo and Frua mandarin. The cross was made at Riverside, possibly in the 1950s. The variety was never officially released by the University of California, Riverside, but somehow made it into the public sector.

How do you make citrus cocktail?

Combine 2 ounces of kumquat sour mix (lemon juice, lime juice, kumquats and simple syrup blended together) with 1.5 ounces bourbon in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass….Ingredients:

  1. 1.5 ounce bourbon.
  2. 2.5 ounce simple syrup.
  3. 3 kumquats, sliced and deseeded.
  4. 1 lemon, juiced.
  5. 1 lime, juiced.

What is citrus vodka?

Citrus vodka is straight vodka with citrus flavoring. The flavoring is usually added after distillation. Unfortunately, mediocre vodka is often used in citrus or other flavored vodkas.

What do you mix citrus gin with?

Pour 50ml Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin, 15ml lemon juice, 15ml lime juice, 20ml sugar syrup and 8-10 mint leaves in a glass. Churn with crushed ice and then top up with more crushed ice and soda water, before garnishing with a sprig of mint and a fresh lemon twist.

Is citrus an alcohol?

Citrus-based Alcohol Market: Overview Citrus alcohol has strong flavor and acidity. It is primarily used to balance cocktails. Citrus-based alcohols are used as flavor additives as well as bases in various cocktails. They are also used in the manufacture of alcohol.

Is Sprite a citrus drink?

In addition to PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola’s Sprite or Dr Pepper’s Sun Drop, there are a variety of smaller or regional brands for citrus soda. Several of these brands include the word “Mountain” in their name to help describe their product, a nod to Mountain Dew’s leading market position.

What is a fruity alcoholic drink?

17 Fruity Cocktails To Cool Off on a Hot Day

  • Mai Tai. Sit back, relax, and let the fun begin with this quintessential “tiki” favorite.
  • Hurricane. Transport yourself to the streets of New Orleans with this iconic NOLA drink.
  • Piña Colada.
  • Classic Mojito.
  • Strawberry Margarita.
  • Tequila Sunrise.
  • Sex on the Beach.

What do you mix Smirnoff citrus with?

Citrus Crush

  • 1.5 oz Smirnoff Citrus.
  • 3 oz Cranberry Juice.
  • Lime Wedge.

Is there a citrus vodka?

Citrus vodka is usually flavored with lemons, limes, or oranges, but there are more exotic varieties flavored with grapefruit, bergamot, tangerine and beyond.