What are the four major approaches to educational planning?

What are the four major approaches to educational planning?

What are the four major approaches to educational planning?

There are four major approaches to educational planning.

  • Social Demand Approach:
  • Social Justice Approach:
  • Rate of Returns Approach:
  • Manpower Planning Approach:

What are the three main approaches to educational planning?



What do you mean by approaches of educational planning?

The calculations provide a baseline for projecting desirable changes in the system, notably the scale. In other words, when the planners at the time of educational planning take in to account the. social demands for short or long-term goals, it is considered as social demand approach of educational planning.

What are the stages of educational planning in Nigeria?

There are five main stages of educational planning:

  • (1) Collection and Analysis of Statistical Information:
  • (2) Evolving Policy Proposals:
  • (3) Projections, Programming and Project Analysis:
  • (4) Costing Educational Plans:
  • (5) Decision, Implementation and Evaluation:

What are the 5 main stages of educational planning?

There are five stages

  • Base Situation Analysis/identification of the national goals.
  • Prepare the draft education plan/determine the best of the alternative.
  • Approval and experimentation.
  • Implementation/Decision making.
  • Evaluation/ Feedback World Bank.

How many types of educational planning are there?

There are two common types of strategic plans in education as follows: Long Term Sector Plans (LTSP) • Medium Term Sector Plans (MTSP).

What are the two major approaches to planning?

There are two approaches to planning, sectorial planning and regional planning.

What is the best book on Educational Planning in Nigeria?

Planning for educational reforms and Innovation in J. B. Babalola A. O. Ayeni, S. O. Aderdeji, A. A. Suleiman & M. O. Arikewuyo (Eds) Educational Management Thoughts and Practice. Ibadan: Codat Publications. Obi, B. (2003) Educational Planning in Contemporary Nigeria. Enugu: Computer Edge Publishers. Okunamiri, P. O. (2003).

Why is the education planning process difficult in Nigeria?

Planning process started by one administration is are quite challenging. The inability of the Nigerian po litical structure does not allow for education planners to be accountable for their wrong doings. about. Funds provide for education planning is too small for proper planning to take place. The condition of

What are the three basic approaches to Educational Planning?

Olambo (1995) identified three basic approaches to educational planning. They are: 1. The social demand approach 2. The human resources requirement approach 3. The cost benefit analysis demanded by people just like any other social services.

Is Nigeria using the right approach in planning manpower requirements?

Severally, Nigeria had made efforts to use this approach in planning manpow er requirements (Okunami ri, 2009). The labour market as the main focus of manpower, planners. But if imbalances occur, it is the educational system that has to be adjusted. in ter ms of graduate turn out at the different levels of the educ ational system.