What are the recommended dimensions for a high school soccer field?

What are the recommended dimensions for a high school soccer field?

What are the recommended dimensions for a high school soccer field?

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) mandates the size of high school soccer fields. It states that the size of a soccer field should be between 100 and 120 yards long and between 55 and 80 yards wide.

What is the official size of a soccer field?

Soccer field dimensions. The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the governing body that writes the rules of soccer, states that a field must be rectangular and marked with continuous lines. A full-size pitch may be anywhere from 50-100 yards in width and 100-130 yards in length.

What are the dimensions of a soccer field for ages 18+?

The optimum soccer field size is 360 feet long (120 yards) by 225 feet wide (75 yards), but many professional soccer fields vary in size.

What size is a high school field?

In American football the standard field dimensions are 120 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide. The last 10 yards of length on either end of the field are considered “end zones” in which a player scores. These dimensions are consistent for football played at the high school, college and professional (NFL) level.

How big is 11 and 11 soccer field?

11 vs 11 Soccer Field Dimensions in Inches

Width Length
Minimum (Inches) 1771.65 3543.31
Maximum (Inches) 3543.31 4724.41

Are all soccer fields the same size?

Different soccer fields have different sizes. The FIFA rules allow for a wide range of soccer field dimensions. Soccer fields can range between 70 – 80 yards in width, and between 110 – 120 yards in length, and these dimensions are for the soccer fields that are used for international matches.

What is the size of a 3v3 soccer field?

Field Dimensions: The playing field is 40 yards long by 30 yards. The goals are four feet high by six feet wide. No Offsides in 3v3 Soccer! only when saving a ball from going out of bounds or potential goal (outside of the box and not within 3 yards of opponents.)

How big is an 8v8 soccer field?

The field of play shall be rectangular, its length being not more than 80 yards nor less than 70 yards and its width not more than 50 yards nor less than 40 yards. The length in all cases shall exceed the width.

What is the size of a high school soccer field?

According to NFHS (the National Federation of State High School Associations) rules. High school fields range from 55 yards wide x 100 yards long to 80 yards wide x 120 yards long. Check out our Soccer Captions & Quotes page.

How far apart are the lines on a soccer field?

At each end of the soccer field, two lines must be drawn at right angles to the goal lines, 6 yards (5.49 m) from the inside of each goal post. These shall extend into the field of play for a distance of 6 yards (5.49 m) and must be joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line.

What is the size of a soccer goal?

The soccer goal size is measured by the opening area inside the posts and crossbar. The distance from the inner edges of the vertical posts is 8 yards across (7.32 meters).

What are the dimensions of a soccer pitch?

The football pitch (or soccer pitch) is a term for the field or playing surface. It’s more commonly used in England. The pitch can be made of grass or artificial turf. What are the football pitch dimensions in meters? The optimum football pitch size is 68.58 meters wide by 109.728 meters long. What are the soccer goal dimensions?