What are the top 5 cartoons of the 80s?

What are the top 5 cartoons of the 80s?

What are the top 5 cartoons of the 80s?

Top 80’s cartoons. 1 1. G.I. Joe (1985–1986) TV-Y7 | 30 min | Animation, Action, Adventure. 2 2. The Transformers (1984–1987) 3 3. Dino-Riders (1988) 4 4. MASK (1985–1986) 5 5. The Real Ghostbusters (1986–1991)

Is the trap door a good 80s cartoon?

Few 80s kids cartoons were quite so creepy, yet at once such irresistible fun, as The Trap Door. A claymation classic, the short episodes of The Trap Door followed the daily life of Berk, the dim-witted servant of ‘the thing upstairs’ in a creepy old mansion.

What was Dungeons&Dragons for kids in the 80s?

Everyone’s heard of the iconic role-playing game (even if they haven’t necessarily played it) – but for kids in the mid-80s, the Dungeons & Dragons title was synonymous with the awesome fantasy cartoon show.

What language did the Ewoks speak in the 80s?

The Ewoks all spoke English in the cartoon, and their primary concern was staying away from Morag the Tulgah Witch and the rival Dulok species. The ‘70s might have been all about The Muppets, but the ‘80s were seemingly dominated by the Muppet Babies, especially for kids growing up at the time.

Do 80s cartoons still have a cult following today?

A major part of many an 80s kid’s childhood, some of the best 80s cartoons still have cult followings today (helped no doubt by the fact they had some of the best theme tunes ever).

Was Galaxy High the best cartoon of the 80s?

While Galaxy High isn’t the best-remembered cartoon of the 80s, it was created by a very notable Hollywood figure: Chris Columbus, writer of The Goonies and Gremlins, and later director of two Home Alone and Harry Potter movies.

Was Batfink The first cartoon in the 80s?

Not every cartoon that was big with the kids in the 80s was an original product of that decade. Take Batfink, which was first broadcast all the way back in the 60s.