What are WAI-ARIA roles?

What are WAI-ARIA roles?

What are WAI-ARIA roles?

ARIA roles provide semantic meaning to content, allowing screen readers and other tools to present and support interaction with object in a way that is consistent with user expectations of that type of object.

What is the intent of WAI-ARIA?

It provides specific HTML attributes ( role and aria-* ) that allow adding specific semantical meaning to existing HTML elements: role adds (or overrides) a semantical role of an element, for example .

Is WAI-ARIA part of WCAG?

Accessibility Support for WAI-ARIA The WCAG Working Group plans to review which WAI-ARIA techniques are sufficient when Accessible Rich Internet Application specifications reach W3C Recommendation status. Refer to WAI-ARIA Overview for the latest information on the status of WAI-ARIA.

What is the difference between Wai and WCAG?

WAI-ARIA can help developers create content that conforms with recommendations in WCAG. WCAG is covered in more detail in Introduction to Web Accessibility, so we will just provide a basic introduction here.

What is aria’s role in accessibility?

Accessible Rich Internet Applications ( ARIA ) is a set of roles and attributes that define ways to make web content and web applications (especially those developed with JavaScript) more accessible to people with disabilities.

When should I add aria role?

Authors must assign an ARIA role and the appropriate states and properties to an element during its life-cycle, unless the element already has appropriate ARIA semantics (via use of an appropriate HTML element).

What does aria work with?

Those who do support ARIA include browsers, AT (i.e. screen readers, magnifiers, text-to-speech, etc.), applications, and JavaScript toolkits. It’s a very complex set of standards, so complete support is difficult to achieve.

What is the Wai and who manages it?

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is an initiative developed by the World Wide Web Consortium to help make the internet more accessible to people with disabilities.

What are the WAI guidelines?

WAI pursues accessibility of the web through five primary activities:

  • ensuring that web technologies support accessibility.
  • developing guidelines for accessibility.
  • developing tools to evaluate and facilitate accessibility.
  • conducting education and outreach.
  • coordinating with research and development.

How many aria roles are there?

ARIA Roles. An ARIA role is added via a role=”” attribute, and does not ever change for an element once it is set. There are four categories of ARIA roles: landmark.

What is aria with example?

This page includes the following indexes of example implementations of ARIA design patterns included in WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.2….Examples by Role.

Role Examples
radiogroup Radio Group Using aria-activedescendant ( HC ) Rating Radio Group ( HC ) Radio Group Using Roving tabindex ( HC ) Toolbar

What is an aria role state or property?

ARIA Roles, States & Properties. ARIA (Assistive Rich Internet Applications), is a spec from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that was created to improve accessibility of web pages and applications by providing extra information to screen readers via HTML attributes.

What are ARIA roles?

Roles to describe the type of widget presented,such as “menu”,“treeitem”,“slider”,and “progressbar”

  • Roles to describe the structure of the Web page,such as headings,regions,and tables (grids)
  • Properties to describe the state widgets are in,such as “checked” for a check box,or “haspopup” for a menu.
  • What is a major function of the W3C?

    ActivityPub,decentralized social networking protocol

  • CGI,dynamic server-side content standard
  • CSS
  • DOM
  • EME,DRM modules integration standard
  • HTML,standard web markup language
  • JSON-LD,linked data JSON extension
  • MathML,mathematical notation markup language
  • OWL
  • What is the role of the ARIA?


  • role=”navigation” (e.g.,a menu)
  • role=”main” (the main content of the page)
  • role=”complementary” (e.g.,a sidebar)
  • role=”contentinfo” (meta data about the page,e.g.,a copyright statement)
  • role=”search”
  • role=”form”
  • role=”application” (a web application with its own keyboard interface)
  • What is the full form of W3C?

    What is the full form of W3C? – World Wide Web Consortium – World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops standar