What cars can you win on Gran Turismo 5?

What cars can you win on Gran Turismo 5?

What cars can you win on Gran Turismo 5?

Prize Car List

  • B License all bronze: Mazda Demio Sport 03.
  • A License all bronze: Nissan Micra mmr Cup car 01.
  • International B License all bronze: Mazda Eunos Roadster J-Limited (NA) 91′
  • World Compact Race A-Spec Gold finish: Hommell Berlinette R/S Coupe 99.
  • FF Challenge A-Spec Gold finish: Civic SiR II (EG)91′

How many cars were in GT5?

Gran Turismo 5 provides a total of 1,089 cars.

What car is GT?

grand touring
GT stands for gran turismo, or “grand touring.” Although the Italian who originally thought up the term gran turismo, or GT, has been lost to history along with their reasoning, the definition was clear: A GT car fit between a sports car and a luxury car.

What are the best racing cars in Gran Turismo games?

Gillet Vertigo Race Car ’04[st] Ginetta Ginetta G4 ’64[st] Gran Turismo Gran Turismo 350Z RS[pr] Gran Turismo Formula Gran Turismo[st]

How many cars are there in Gran Turismo 5?

Gran Turismo 5 takes the series to a whole new level. A first for the franchise, The game supports online racing and features over 950 cars, over 20 courses, 70 variations, the newest hybrid cars and electric cars, a new physics engine, a new in-cockpit view, HD support, and much more.

What cars have won the SEMA Gran Turismo Awards?

Gran Turismo RACING KART 125[pr] (DLC) Gran Turismo RACING KART 125 SPL[pr] [1] Gran Turismo Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car [pr] Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010 ’10[pr] Gran Turismo Red Bull X2011 Prototype ’11[pr] (DLC) Grand Touring Garage Grand Touring Garage 1970 Ford Mustang Trans-Cammer (SEMA Gran Turismo Awards 2009)[pr] High End Performance

What are the best Peugeot race cars of all time?

Peugeot 905 Race Car ’92[st] Peugeot 908 HDi FAP – Team Oreca Matmut ’10[pr] Peugeot 908 HDi FAP – Team Peugeot Total ’10[pr] Peugeot 406 3.0 V6 Coupé ’98 Plymouth Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack ’71[st]