What does Frv stand for?

What does Frv stand for?

What does Frv stand for?

FRV – Final Rendezvous Point.

What is the acronym for Soldier?


Acronym Definition
SOLD Soldier
SOLD Soldering
SOLD Sorcerers of Light and Darkness (gaming guild)
SOLD Slice of Life Designs (Singapore)

What does the acronym war stand for military?

WAR. Willing, Able and Ready. WAR.

What does FVR stand for?


Acronym Definition
FVR Foreign Visit Request
FVR Full Voltage Reversing (electric motors)
FVR Flash Video Recorder
FVR Fuel Vapor Recovery System

How do you abbreviate forever?

4EVER means “Forever.” The abbreviation 4EVER is commonly used for brevity in chat forums and text speak to mean “Forever.” 4EVER is often used with abbreviations such as ILY to add emphasis to a declaration of love.

What does SSE mean in military?

sensitive site exploitation
Site exploitation (SE), also called tactical site exploitation or sensitive site exploitation (SSE), is a military term used by the United States to describe “collecting information, material, and persons from a designated location and analyzing them to answer information requirements, facilitate subsequent operations.

What does V stand for in veteran?

V — Victory. I use this word not only because of the many victories our veterans have achieved in defense of our freedom, but also because of the victories military families and the American people have won together to make this country strong. Victory at home is as important as victory on the battlefield.

What CLG means?

So, the full form of CLG is Clearing House Transactions in the terms of banking. It is the customer’s right to know the CLG Full Form and it is associated with the deposits made through cheques. It is reflected either in the bank statement or the passbook.