What else is Kelly Reilly in?

What else is Kelly Reilly in?

What else is Kelly Reilly in?

Jessica Kelly Siobhán Reilly (born 18 July 1977) is an English actress. She was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for her performance in After Miss Julie at the Donmar Warehouse (2003–2004). Her film and TV credits include Eden Lake (2008), Sherlock Holmes (2009), Flight (2012), and Yellowstone (2018–present).

How old is Kelly Reilly?

44 years (July 18, 1977)Kelly Reilly / Age

Where is Kelly Reilly from?

Chessington, United KingdomKelly Reilly / Place of birthChessington is an area in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames within Greater London. Historically part of Surrey, today it is the largest salient of Greater London into that county. As of the 2011 Census it had a population of 18,973. The Bonesgate Stream, a tributary of the Hogsmill River, runs through it. Wikipedia

What movies did Beth from Yellowstone play in?

Kelly ReillyBeth Dutton / Played by

Is Kevin Costner’s real daughter in Yellowstone?

Although they play father and daughter in the show, Reilly and Costner are not related in reality. Double Oscar winner Costner has seven children in total but Reilly is not one of them. Costner has three children from his first marriage to college sweetheart Cindy Silva.

How old is Beth on Yellowstone in real life?

Kelly Reilly’s age is 44 years as of 2021, and Cancer is her Zodiac sign. She was born on 18th July 1977.

What nationality is Beth from Yellowstone?

Kelly Reilly is actually British She’s not even American. Though Kelly Reilly’s spot-on accent throughout “Yellowstone” has many people fooled, she’s actually English.

Is Jamie’s hair real on Yellowstone?

And we do end up discovering that Jamie and Kayce aren’t biologically related. “I wonder if his hair was one of the reasons they chose Wes Bentley to play Jamie,” wrote the fan. ” It made him look different from the rest of the Duttons and that could have been their intention.”

Does Kevin Costner’s real son play in Yellowstone?

Kevin Costner and his TV sons are huge fans of filming ‘Yellowstone’ in Utah. | June 13, 2019, 10:07 a.m. | Updated: 11:22 a.m. (Photo courtesy Paramount Network) Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton and Kevin Costner as John Dutton in “Yellowstone.”