What fruits are in season now in Oregon?

What fruits are in season now in Oregon?

What fruits are in season now in Oregon?

Seasonal Oregon Produce

  • Apples: August through November (cold storage until spring)
  • Apricots: June and July.
  • Artichokes: September and October.
  • Arugula: May through December.
  • Asparagus: April through June.
  • Basil: June through November.
  • Beets: June through January.
  • Blackberries: July through September.

What berries are in season right now in Oregon?

Raspberries ripen mid-June through July with others coming in mid-August through September. Red, Black and Evergreen raspberries are common favorites. From July into September you’ll find local blueberries — Berkeley, Bluetta, Bluejay, Bluecrop, Duke, Earliblue, Elliott, Jersey, Liberty, Powder Blue and Rubel.

What fruits are in season winter Oregon?

Wonderful winter fruit (and nuts!)

  • apples.
  • pears.
  • oranges.
  • grapefruits.
  • blood oranges.
  • lemons.
  • limes.
  • persimmons.

What fruit is Oregon known for?

Oregon is the nation’s top producer of blackberries, Boysenberries and Loganberries. Other bountiful berry crops include strawberries, blueberries, Marionberries and raspberries.

What fruits and veggies are in season now?

What’s in season now?

  • Asparagus.
  • Apricots.
  • Peas.
  • Rhubarb.

Can avocado trees grow in Oregon?

Grow fresh avocados in Oregon. Avocado trees, Persea Americana, require warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight to thrive and become productive. This hardy tree can survive in zones 10 and 11, which occur in small strips along Oregon’s coast.

What Berry is Oregon known for?

Marionberries are sometimes referred to as the “king of the blackberries,” but they’re still grown exclusively in Oregon. The 28 to 33 million pounds of marionberries that Oregon produces each year make them the most common blackberry in the state, and they account for more than half of Oregon’s entire blackberry crop.

What fruit grows all year round?

1 Apples. One of the most common fruits that are available all year round are apples. Most supermarkets offer an array of types and colors during all the months of the year. You may not always be able to find the same type, Gala, for example, but there will always be several on the shelves.

What months do fruits grow in the Pacific Northwest?

Listed by product name, this guide outlines the months that each fruit or vegetable is typically grown and harvested from farms throughout the Pacific Northwest. Apples: August through November. Apricots: June and July. Artichokes: September and October. Arugula: May through December.

What are seasonal fruits and how do I use them?

Seasonal fruits are also great for adding a dash of color to your vegetables and salads. Another great idea is to try them in a fun smoothies recipe or infuse them into your water for some fresh-picked deliciousness. We hope this seasonal fruit chart will help you plan your next meal the next time you are grocery shopping.

What fruits and vegetables are in season in the United States?

Blackberries: July through September Blueberries: June through September Boysenberries: June through August Broccoli: June through September

Is Oregon produce better than California?

While the growing season is shorter than in California, the quality for some Oregon produce is considered even higher. The shorter growing season seems to intensify the flavor of the crops. Oregon’s climate of warm and dry summers and cool (but not frosty and wet) winters results in happy plants.