What is a mini bento box?

What is a mini bento box?

What is a mini bento box?

MINI SIZE is perfect for morning, afternoon or after school snacks, small lunches, food containers while travelling or anytime you need food on-the-go. Boxes have 3 compartments, hold 2.25 cups and include a spork. 7″ x 4.5″ x 1.75″. Adult and child-friendly.

Does the bento lunch box keep food warm?

Answer: It does keep your food warm for a good hour or two depending on how hot the food is when you put it in the Bentgo. But I have found that if you put the Bentgo in an insulated bag, it stays warm for 4 hours.

Can you put hot and cold food in Bentgo lunch box?

In two sizes, the regular 3 compartment Bentgo Glass and the smaller 2 compartment Bentgo Glass Snack – you will surely have all the food you need for the work day. Both are completely leak-proof and microwave safe so you are free to pack cold foods, hot foods, wet foods – anything really!

Do bento lunch boxes keep food cold?

The containers are insulated, stackable and compact enough to leave room in a lunch bag. They’re BPA-free and will keep cold for 24 hours & hot for 6 hours.

Do bento lunch boxes leak?

Many bento boxes are even leakproof, allowing you to pack liquids alongside your child’s snacks—ideal for, say, carrots and ranch dip.

Do bento boxes need ice packs?

After Packing To avoid any risk of bacteria growth, you must cool down the food first before closing the bento, especially if the lunch box is going stay at room temperature for a few hours period. Use ice packs and an insulated bag to keep food fresh and safe till lunch time.

Which bento box keeps food warm?

OmieBox is a bento box for kids with thermos that packs hot & cold food together. This thermal lunch box for kids is great for hot lunch, cold food, or snacks. You won’t find another insulated lunch box for hot food that works as well as OmieBox!

How long does Bentgo stay cold?

4 hours
KEEPS FOOD & DRINKS COLD: Freezes quickly and helps food and beverages stay cold up to 4 hours — ideal for school, work, picnics, game day, and more. ULTRA-SLIM DESIGN: Measuring just 0.3” wide, each ultra-thin ice pack fits perfectly into any lunch bag or cooler and leaves maximum room for food and beverages.

Do you need an ice pack with a bento box?