What is a stat-o-seal washer?

What is a stat-o-seal washer?

What is a stat-o-seal washer?

The stat-o-seal is very simply the best sealing washer available. It consists of a synthetic rubber O ring mechanically locked to the I.D. of an aluminum washer. When tightened, the O ring is compressed, forcing the sealing surfaces around the bolt shank.

Who makes Stat-O-seal?

Parker Stat
Stat-O-Seal Features Parker Stat-O-Seals are one-piece, molded-in-place seals with the rubber sealing element mechanically and/or chemically bonded to the metal retainer.

What is a sealing washer used for?

Sealing washer applications include use for liquid protection and dust protection. Panova’s sealing washers superbly protect bolts, screws and other fasteners or threaded surfaces, particularly when used to prevent the ingress of water and other liquids.

What are bonded sealing washers?

A bonded seal is a type of washer used to provide a seal around a screw or bolt. Originally made by Dowty Group, they are also known as Dowty seals or Dowty washers. Now widely manufactured, they are available in a range of standard sizes and materials.

What are Red O-rings?

O-Ring Colors

O-Ring Color O-Ring Material
Red (Rust) Silicone | TES/PFAS
White NBR | Viton® | Silicone | EPDM | PTFE (Teflon)
Yellow NBR | Viton®
High-Visibility Green NBR | Viton®

What is the difference between a gasket and an O ring?

Gaskets are flat pieces of material used to make a seal between two flat surfaces, usually with a bolted joint. O-rings are round, ring-shaped pieces that must set in a groove to create a seal between two parts. While gaskets are most commonly circles, they are also manufactured in a variety of other shapes.

What is the difference between gasket and seal?

Generally speaking, gaskets serve as a static seal between flat surfaces, such as joints, while seals are used in more dynamic environments between active components such as rotating shafts, pumps, and engines.