What is a word for cave in?

What is a word for cave in?

What is a word for cave in?

What is another word for cave-in?

implosion collapse
crumbling disintegration
falling-in subsidence
destruction crash
breakdown wreck

What does the idiom to cave in mean?

phrasal verb. If you cave in, you suddenly stop arguing or resisting, especially when people put pressure on you to stop. After a ruinous strike, the union caved in.

How do you use cave in a sentence?

Cave in sentence example

  1. They had to work it out, and if she made love to him tonight, she’d cave in for sure.
  2. On the right bank, near this bridge, is the cave in which Wallace concealed himself after killing Hezelrig and which still bears his name.

What is the opposite of caving in?

What is the opposite of cave in?

resistance defending
fight fighting

Where did the term cave in come from?

Origin of To Cave In This verb phrase can be traced back to use in the 1700s. Most likely, the term comes from actual caves. Caves in the earth often fall in on themselves, collapsing and preventing entry or movement. Nowadays, this phrase may apply to anything that falls inward like a cave.

Who live in the cave?

Animals that spend their lives in a cave are called ‘troglophiles’. Examples of troglophiles include molluscs, worms, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, crustaceans, insects, fish, amphibians and reptiles.

How do you use caving in a sentence?

Caving-in sentence example

  1. She struck, caving in his head and escaping with Sookie.
  2. While abundant warning of the caving-in of the workings is thus given in advance it may happen that men are unexpectedly imprisoned by the closing of the main passage ways.

What does the world is caving in mean?

Context is someone who is going through difficult times (financial/personal) and feels that the world is caving in on him.

What cave means in Latin?

Etymology 1. From Middle English cave, borrowed from Old French cave, from Latin cava (“cavity”), from cavus (“hollow”).