What is CR eventing?

What is CR eventing?

What is CR eventing?

The Compulsory Retirement rule is a fairly new addition to the USEF Rules for Eventing having gone into effect on June 1, 2021. Compulsory Retirement, denoted as CR on scoring, is enacted when a competitor has 20 or more show jumping penalties at the Training, Modified, Preliminary, Intermediate, or Advanced levels.

What does W mean in eventing?

Remember in eventing the lowest score wins! W: Withdrew (occurs between phases) R: Retired (occurs during a phase) E: Eliminated (for multiple disobediences) TE: Technically Eliminated (missing a jump, inappropriate saddlery/dress, etc)

What does CT mean in eventing?

Combined Test
C.T.: Combined Test. FEH: Future Event Horse.

What does HC mean in eventing?

Hor concours is a French phrase and means roughly “exception from competition”. You may also see or hear it referred to as HC.

What does RT mean in equestrian jumping?

Round. The riders turn to jump a course. Course. The prescribed order of the jumps in a specific class. Courses are posted in advance so the riders can learn them prior to riding their round.

What level is 2 * eventing?

Two-star. What it involves: This level is similar to that of BE novice and intermediate. The dressage tests include leg-yielding, rein-back and medium paces. The showjumping is up to 1.15m in height and the cross-country phase has a maximum height of 1.10m.

What does NM mean in eventing?

British Eventing has also introduced a new Novice Masters series for 2021. The Novice Masters will run at Intermediate Novice level with five events pilot this new competition.

What is PN in British eventing?

The Novice BE Eventing Level This was once the lowest level of British eventing, however, fences are now larger and more technical and you should always try an Intro or a PN event before progressing to novice, just to reassure yourself that this is the correct level for you and your horse.

What does D mean in showjumping?

Disobedience inc. Refusal. 1st Disobedience = 4 Faults. 1st Disobedience = not. penalised.