What is Fidgephant?

What is Fidgephant?

What is Fidgephant?

Fidgephant is a blue-green Yo-kai that resembles an elephant. He has big, round, yellow eyes with cross-shaped pupils. He wears an orange robe. He is an average sized yokai (about half the height of Keita). He has a similar appearance to Touphant.

What can you fuse Fidgephant with?

As of Yo-kai Watch 2, Fidgephant evolves into Enduriphant when fused with Touphant.

What food does Fidgephant like?

Rice Balls

Name Tribe Fav. Food
Fidgephant Tough Rice Balls

What is Enefly favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Enefly Heartful Drinks

What is Noway’s favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Noway Tough Ramen

How do you evolve Yo-Kai?

Overview. The Evolution of a Yo-kai is done through leveling them up, or fusing them with other Yo-kai or Items. Yo-kai that evolve via levelling up can cancel their evolution as well, but they will evolve following the next level up.

How do I get Hidabat?

In Yo-kai Watch, Hidabat can be found in Mount Wildwood in the Abandoned Tunnel. Your Watch must be at least Rank C in order to find Hidabat.

What does Enerfly fuse with?

Enerfly (Japanese: ぜっこう蝶, Zekkōchō) is a Rank D Restoration-attribute Yo-kai of the Heartful tribe. Enerfly evolves into Betterfly when fused with Enefly.

How do you get Betterfly in yo-Kai watch?

Base Stats Betterfly evolves from Enerfly when fused with Enefly. As of Yo-kai Watch 3, Betterfly evolves into Amplifly when fused with Starry Spangles.

How do you get Mochismo in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Yo-kai Watch 2 Mochismo can be found on the 2nd floor of Springdale Elementary School at night. Alternatively, he can once more be freed from the Crank-a-kai with a Red Coin in the present.

What does no way like from Yo-Kai watch?

Yo-kai Watch 2 Uses the power of “No Way!” to make a foe refuse to fight. DEF up and draws enemy attacks. Will be guarding when moving to the front.