What is magnesium citrate 250 mg used for?

What is magnesium citrate 250 mg used for?

What is magnesium citrate 250 mg used for?

This medication is a mineral supplement used to prevent and treat low amounts of magnesium in the blood. Some brands are also used to treat symptoms of too much stomach acid such as stomach upset, heartburn, and acid indigestion.

What are the benefits of taking magnesium citrate?

Magnesium citrate causes the intestines to release water into the stool. This softens the stool and relieves constipation and irregularity. Magnesium citrate is more gentle than some of the other magnesium compounds and found as the active ingredient in many commercially available laxatives.

When should you take magnesium 250 mg?

It is best to take magnesium supplements with a meal to reduce stomach upset and diarrhea unless otherwise directed by the product instructions or your doctor. Take each dose with a full glass (8 ounces or 240 milliliters) of water unless your doctor directs you otherwise.

What are the side effects of taking magnesium 250 mg?

High doses of magnesium from supplements or medications can cause nausea, abdominal cramping and diarrhea. In addition, the magnesium in supplements can interact with some types of antibiotics and other medicines.

Is 250mg of magnesium good for you?

The RDA for magnesium is 310–420 mg for adults depending on age and gender. If you require a supplement, dosage recommendations can vary depending on your needs, such as to improve constipation, sleep, muscle cramps, or depression. Most studies found positive effects with daily doses of 125–2,500 mg.

Should you drink water after taking magnesium citrate?

Drinking 8 ounces of water after taking magnesium citrate is important. This is because it replaces the fluid lost from the body when more water is pulled into the intestines. Because of the taste, some people find that magnesium citrate is easier to drink if it is chilled in the refrigerator.

What are the adverse side effects of magnesium citrate?

Immediate Effects. Magnesium citrate works by pulling water into your small intestine,which stimulates the normal movement of broken-down food product into your large intestine for stool bulking.

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  • Is magnesium citrate bad for me?

    The use of magnesium citrate can cause side effects, even for those who are healthy. There are several side effects that you may experience, including mild diarrhea and stomach discomfort. You may also experience severe diarrhea, which is more serious.

    Does magnesium citrate interact with other medications?

    Taking magnesium too close to a dose of some antibiotics, including ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin, may interfere with how the body absorbs the medicine. Similarly, magnesium can interfere with some osteoporosis drugs if the doses are taken too close together.

    Where to buy magnesium citrate?

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