What is ProcessInstance in Salesforce?

What is ProcessInstance in Salesforce?

What is ProcessInstance in Salesforce?

Salesforce Approval Process Objects ProcessInstance Represents an instance of a single, complete approval process. ProcessInstance record is created every time for particular object record which is submitted for approval. Its is also read-only object. We can describe, query and retrieve the approval processes Instance.

How do you query ProcessInstanceHistory?

We can query ProcessInstanceHistory by querying it in a nested soql query on the parent ProcessInstance object. The nested soql query references StepsAndWorkitems, which is the child relationship name for ProcessInstanceHistory in the ProcessInstance object.

How do you find approval history in Salesforce?

If you create a custom report type with Process Instance as the primary object and Process Instance Node as the related object, you can create approval history reports with various combinations of fields that enable you to view a detailed history of executed and in-progress approval processes and their individual steps …

How do I query approval process in Salesforce?

1 Answer

  1. ProcessDefinition (Represents the definition of a single approval process.)
  2. ProcessInstance (Represents an instance of a single, end-to-end approval process.
  3. ProcessInstanceHistory (This read-only object shows all steps and pending approval requests associated with an approval process (ProcessInstance).)

What is process instance?

A process instance represents one specific instance of a process that is currently executing. Whenever a process is started, a process instance is created that represents that specific instance that was started. It contains all runtime information related to that instance.

Can we write trigger on process instance?

Approvals are handled in ProcessInstance object. For each and every update of your record in the approval process will have an entry (record) in this object. But you cannot write a trigger on this ProcessInstance object.

Where can I see my approval requests in Salesforce?

To track where a record is in an approval process, view its Approval History related list. Identify a delegated approver and control whether you receive approval request emails.

What is approval history?

The Approval History Log contains a record of all approval requests that have been triggered by a policy with an approval workflow action. This log shows the status of each approval request that has been submitted to CentraSite.

What is approval history related list in Salesforce?

The Approval History related list lets users submit approval requests and track a record’s progress through an approval process from the record detail page. Consider adding the Items To Approve related list to your custom home page layouts.

What is process instance in BPM?

A process instance refers to the specific instance of a business process. While business process can generally define how an organization performs its work, a process instance refers to the work of a specific person within that organization. In Oracle BPM, this person is referred to as a process participant.

What is process instance in Peoplesoft?