What is the best punch bait for catfish?

What is the best punch bait for catfish?

What is the best punch bait for catfish?

The best catfish bait you can buy

  • Bee’-Jay’s Catfish Dough Bait.
  • Berkley Gulp!
  • Junnie’s Wicked Sticky Catfish Dip Bait from Cat Tracker Bait Company.
  • Magic Bait Stick-It Punch Bait.
  • Rippin Lips Bootleg Catfish Dip Bait.
  • Stubby Steve’s Chubby Stubby Pellets.
  • Team Catfish Sudden Impact Fiber-Enriched Bait.

Is Kool-Aid good catfish bait?

Believe it or not, Kool-Aid combined with various types of meat can be an effective and easy catfish bait. It’s a lot simpler to store and transport than live bait and it doesn’t have the smell or mess of blood baits or stink baits. It’s also one of the cheapest baits that there is.

What colors do catfish see best?

Based on the research that I did, channel catfish are visual predators. Their eyes focus mostly on greens and blues because those colors stand out in most water conditions.

Do catfish eat hot dogs?

Many catfish anglers have used them for decades. On the other hand, most catfish anglers seem to discover hot dogs out of desperation, after running out of traditional fishing baits such as worms and cut baits. Hot dogs are a common food taken along on fishing excursions and double as excellent catfish bait.

What is a punch catfish bait?

This is a “punch” catfish bait–meaning that you’re supposed to use a stick to punch the treble hook down into the bait then pull it up–that is supposed to put a gob of bait on the hook.

What to do with CJS Shad punch bait?

This was delicious. Perfect for meatballs, ravioli, spaghetti underneath, sloppy joes, sandwiches, and more. Say good bye to all other ground meats, because this is the new kid on the block in Flavortown, and his name is CJs Shad Punch Bait 14oz.

How do you punch bait?

Remember it’s punch bait so you punch the hook in the bait with a stick and smooth over the hole you punched in the bait. Just pull out the bait and you should have a decent sized chunk without getting it all over your hands!

Is chicken liver a good bait for catfish?

Easy to use, and seriously have never caught so many fish in unison, complete MONSTERS that put up one hell of a fight! I’ve used chicken livers in the same ponds, caught a few off that, this bait definitely gets more hits than anything I’ve ever used anywhere. A very good catfish bait!