What is the Catalan tradition of the Caga Tio?

What is the Catalan tradition of the Caga Tio?

What is the Catalan tradition of the Caga Tió?

The Caga Tió is a Christmas character in Catalan culture. The Tió is a big piece of cut wood with two or four stick legs and a broad smiling face painted on its end wearing a traditional Catalan barretina, a little red sock hat. On Christmas Eve the log is supposed to poo presents for children.

What does Caga Tió represent?

As anyone who knows a bit of Catalan might have guessed by now, Caga Tió literally means the ‘Pooping Log’, and this gives a lot away in terms of understanding what this curious guest gets up to.

What is the history of Caga Tió?

The Caga Tió is a tradition with century old origins back to the days when the fireplace was a central and important part of family life. The ashes of the burnt log were kept and spread by crops and near the stable and even on the beds as a rite to promote fertility.

What is the tradition of Tió de Nadal?

Tió de Nadal or Christmas Log The tradition is to bring a piece of strain or thick stalk to your home a few days before Christmas, place it in some corner with a blanket so it does not get cold and feed it daily with remnants of food until the day to make the Tió defecate the gifts.

How did Caga Tió originate?

What decorations can be seen in Barcelona during Christmas?

Caganer. Christmas trees, lights, and mistletoe are all part of the holiday decorations. Although the people of Spain are, in general, most passionate about their nativity scenes, known as belenes or pesebres.

Is Caga tió Catalonia’s other Christmas icon?

If the caganer is becoming more and more recognized, the same is also happening with Catalonia’s other Christmas icon – Caga Tió. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the actress Kate McKinnon, one of the protagonists of the recent Ghostbusters movie, spoke about this tradition amongst a strange mix of laughter and discomfort from the American public.

What is a popular Christmas tradition in Barcelona?

A popular Christmas tradition in Barcelona and the Catalonia province of Spain is the ‘Tió de Nadal’ also called the ‘Caga tió.’ In this context the word ‘tió’ in Catalan language means log.

What is the Caga tió?

Caga Tió also comes out on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is a small log with a smiley face, wearing the traditional red Catalan hat – the Barretina. The name Caga Tió means ‘Poo Log’. Every day children look after the Caga Tió between the following dates:

What is Caga tió de Nadal?

So Tió de Nadal in Catalan means Christmas log or tree trunk – and not Uncle Christmas or Christmas guy. Caga Tió means ‘ Poop log !’ Yes, that’s right. Caga Tió is a Christmas log that poos Christmas presents. You can buy them all over Barcelona and Catalonia in supermarkets and Christmas markets.